Microsoft warns hybrid work could become unsustainable unless leaders start to create an employee experience that meets employee expectations.

FREMONT, CA: All Viva platform improvements aim to harmonise the employee experience and bridge the manager-employee gap. These include the brand-new Viva Amplify and Viva Pulse applications. Viva Pulse was developed to enable managers and team leaders to obtain routine, confidential feedback on the experience of their team. To aid managers in identifying what is working well, where to focus, and what actions should be taken to meet team needs.

This software is really focused on giving managers the ability to routinely ask their staff for feedback and then be able to act on those private comments. Viva Amplify aims to enhance communication between managers and staff. The application centralises communication campaigns, gives writing advice to enhance message resonance, enables publication across numerous channels and distribution groups in Microsoft 365, and offers analytics for development. Microsoft is also adding a number of new features to Viva, such as Answers in Viva, Leadership Corner in Viva Engage, and People in Viva, in addition to the app launches.

While Leadership Corner offers a place where staff members can interact directly with leadership, share ideas and perspectives, take part in organisational initiatives, and more, Answers in Viva uses artificial intelligence to match employee questions to answers and experts throughout the organisation.

People in Viva is another AI-driven feature that generates profile cards with information about an employee's interests, expertise, and team goals to make it simple for colleagues to find connections, subject matter experts, and insights across a company. A deeper interaction with Microsoft Teams to track OKRs, new integrations with Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project, and an Azure DevOps extension are just a few of the updated features coming to Viva Goals, which was introduced over the summer.

J. P. Gownder, vice president at Forrester, uses technology and business strategy to create products that win, engage, serve, and thrill customers. The integrations improve usability. Additionally, users will find it simpler to access content from the LinkedIn Learning Hub to improve interfaces between Viva Learning and LinkedIn Learning, which will all be synched immediately in Viva. All the Viva apps will be available in one location through a redesigned home experience in Viva Connections, and improvements to the Viva briefing email will offer more individualised productivity tips to assist staff in catching up on work, meetings, and learning.