Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) and HubSpot all said they are doing more to encourage women into leadership and STEM roles to narrow any pay gaps.

FREMONT, CA:Companies in Ireland with 250 or more employees started reporting their gender pay discrepancies as of the first day of December. This does not refer to equal compensation for equal effort; rather, it compares the differences in average salaries and bonuses earned by men and women across the board of an organisation.

Several well-known tech companies have already started sharing their initial reports in accordance with the new regulations.


The gender pay gap report from Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Ireland was released on December 15. The deficiencies at four of the company's Irish subsidiaries were described in the report: Amazon Ireland Support Services, Amazon Data Services, the Amazon Development Centre, and the Irish division of AWS EMEA. The average gender pay gap for these organisations spans from 4.3 to 19.7 per cent.

Amazon Data Services has the smallest gap, whereas Amazon Development Centre has the biggest one. According to Amazon, the lack of women in leadership and tech roles is the primary cause of salary gaps that favour men. It claimed to be taking action to reduce this discrepancy, including outreach initiatives to encourage more girls and women to pursue STEM fields.


Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Ireland Limited and Google Cloud EMEA Limited were two Irish legal companies included in Google Ireland's gender pay gap report.

At Google Ireland, the mean hourly wage gap for all employees is 5 per cent, whereas the mean bonus gap is 14 per cent. According to the business, the gaps it has been noticing are caused and will continue to be driven by a lack of representation of women in senior leadership and technical roles. This is not rare in the IT sector, it continued, but is being recognised and addressed.

In Google Cloud EMEA, the median gender pay disparity is 23 per cent in favour of males, compared to a mean gender pay difference of 27 per cent in favour of women. While the median bonus gap is only 32 per cent in favour of men, the mean bonus gap is 73 per cent in favour of women.

In an effort to attract more women to professions in technology and leadership positions, Google, like Amazon, listed some of the D&I initiatives it has implemented across its business. It claimed that the opportunity to take stock and consider what may be done better to guarantee equality for all workers came with its first year of disclosing the gender pay gap in Ireland.


According to the gender pay gap data from HubSpot Ireland, the mean gender pay gap for all employees is 23 per cent, while the median is 19.3 per cent. With a median bonus gap of 42.5 per cent, the mean bonus gap is 41.9 per cent.

Similar to Google and Amazon, HubSpot attributed its gender pay disparity to the underrepresentation of women in some areas and positions. For instance, according to the business, only 19.3 per cent of the positions in its engineering department are occupied by women. The second-largest department in Ireland for the firm is this one.

In Ireland, just 32 per cent of the best-paying jobs are held by women. The business admitted that it needs to attract fresh top female talent more.