FREMONT, CA: Companies are constantly revolutionizing their technologies to stay ahead of the curve. An organization thrives largely on its workforce and other resources, including materials, equipment. So, it is essential to protect all these from any possible catastrophe. Caution must be taken, and changes must be made to ensure that employees and customers who are using products and services have confidence on the company.

Begin with the Basics

Recent statistics from the National Safety Council show that a worker is injured on the job every second. These injuries cover everything from being struck by equipment to back injuries because of repetitive lifting. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to address the safety basics in the workplace and build up from there.

The first step to mitigating any life-threatening incidents is to create and promote a culture of safety among all employees at workplace. To accomplish that, companies must add signage about common threats, hold safety meetings to encourage everyone to help each other, establish an open-door policy for employees with concerns, keep the workplace free from debris to prevent employees from tripping or falling, and follow proper worker's compensation procedures to support them. Additionally, businesses should practice safety precautions such as testing equipment to ensure it is risk-free, and also completing regular safety precautions. Companies can encourage fitness with a gym membership and give required breaks during all shifts to enhance employee wellness.

Top 10 Occupational Health Consulting/Service Companies - 2020Pay Attention to Workplace Violence

The cases of workplace violence are increasing day by day. Every year, about 2 million cases of assaults and threats have been reported to take place in workplaces, including cases of gun violence. Employers should pay attention to these alarming incidents of workplace violence and take proactive actions to ensure employees feel safe and secure when they come to work. Companies can create a safe and secure work environment with guards and metal detectors that can even help them prevent theft. Also, establishing a zero-tolerance policy and communicating it with all employees, both verbally and with signage can mitigate threats of violence. Installing security cameras in every possible corner can help monitor and detect the guilty party in any incident; include instructions regarding what victims should do to get medical help. Further, managers must hold meetings regarding company's safety security and find out ways to avoid future occurrence of any dangerous incident.

Efficient Cybersecurity

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, a number of internet threats are rising parallelly. With hackers continually chasing after consumer information to misuse, protecting customers' confidential information is as important as protecting employees. Hackers can get access to customers' private contact information and pictures from a stolen email address and use it to blackmail or fraud. To prevent any kind of data breach, companies should educate their employees about the common threats and how to avoid them since employees are the front line of security. Employees must be made aware of the signs of scams, including emails with spelling errors or with a sense of urgency, any attachment or link they are not expecting, etc. Practices such as locking systems whenever employees leaving the area and keeping complex passwords for their systems. Companies must protect their websites with antivirus and updated firewalls to keep away intrusions.

Companies should take up the responsibility to keep their customers and employees safe from any threats or violence. Hence, companies that update their security measures will be well-regarded by everyone. 

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