The RPO trend has surged since COVID-19. We expect RPO to continue to grow and evolve, ultimately helping your business thrive and retain a skilled workforce.”

Fremont, CA: Businesses have always received recruitment support from third parties. But Recruitment Outsourcing (RPO) trends have grown and evolved over the last two years. The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized the world of work. As a result, it has accelerated specific RPO trends that have been developing at a moderate pace. And as such, RPO is essential in today's ever-evolving job market.

Read on to learn more about RPO trends in the coming years.

Total Talent Acquisition

The pandemic has forced non-essential workers to stay home for extended periods. They liked the flexibility of working from home, especially the parents. In fact, 54 percent of professionals who have worked from home say they want to continue working after the pandemic is over. Therefore, the number of freelancers and contractors is expected to increase. Now, RPO companies are helping companies hire flexible positions alongside full-time employees. Flexible hiring options will attract more qualified candidates and help RPO companies find the best candidate for their roles.

Virtual Recruitment Process

RPO companies are reallocating resources with virtual recruitment tools. Because video calls take less time than on-site interviews, teams can expect RPO companies to push more candidates into final interviews. The new VR-focused recruitment process will help increase hiring rates and talent pools for brand recruitment but consume fewer resources overall.

Top-Notch Candidate Experiences

Many of today's largest industries, such as healthcare and technology, are experiencing a labor shortage. Companies in these industries need to stand out to get candidates to apply for alternative positions. Ensuring the best candidate experience will be a crucial focus of RPO for years to come. They quickly identify, hire, and screen candidates, ensuring a hassle-free experience. They communicate quickly with interested candidates, so candidates do not feel left out of the picture. Ultimately, focusing your RPO firm on the best-in-class candidate experience will help you stay competitive in an increasingly competitive talent market.