PEO helps employees understand and value their benefits by offering online benefit plan content, enrollment tools, and support centers that help answer benefit plan questions.

FREMONT, CA: When businesses outsource their HR load to a professional employer organization (PEO), it can fine-tune and cut-back cost, provide employees with access to business benefits to enhance recruiting, and retention approaches as well as prevent HR-related compliance issues that might result in expensive fines.

A PEO enters into a co-employment relationship with a firm, managing HR responsibilities associated with the employer. This allows businesses to focus on import aspects of running operations.

Here are five major benefits of PEO for businesses:


PEOs automate payroll process and manage client withholdings, W-2s and garnishments, thus minimizing payroll-processing and accounting costs.

Retirement Plans

PEO handles the 401(k) administrative duties and regulatory needs, such as compliance testing, distribution processing, and notices. It also offers educational materials and online experience to help employees accomplish better retirement results.


A comprehensive PEO offers services like recruitment assistance and gives organizations access to experienced recruiters to evaluate their employment requirements.

Workers’ Compensation

PEO, as a co-employer, can offer workers’ compensation coverage for employees through its workers’ compensation insurance program and manage compliance, audits, paperwork, and certifications related to the programs.

A reputable PEO will offer companies access to a team of workers’ compensation professionals who are knowledgeable in the business and work together with its core HR services team. They help lower risk while offering solutions to employees instantly.


PEO provides employees with cost-effective, extensive benefits without any regulatory issues that can be daunting and expensive. As a co-employer, it can offer a PEO-sponsored benefits plan, and as a plan sponsor, it manages related administrative tasks.

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