Barco unveiled the 2nd Generation of its premium ClickShare Conference product, the CX-50.

FREMONT, CA: The new ClickShare CX-50 2nd Generation supports dual screens, allowing content to be displayed on two displays simultaneously. ClickShare App uses smart meeting flows to ensure that remote participants are visible at all times during video meetings. Barco, a global leader in meeting room technology, has come up with the second generation of its premium ClickShare Conference model, the CX-50. The updated approach provides the IT manager with greater flexibility and gives end-users an inclusive meeting experience in high-impact meeting rooms.

According to a recent global study report by the professional services firm JLL[1], the widespread use of hybrid work represents a paradigm shift. This new world's navigation, implementation, and management will require sophisticated and enabling technology.

“In a hybrid environment, technology is crucial in giving all meeting participants an equal voice and making collaboration truly successful,” says Stijn Henderickx, EVP Meeting & Learning Experience. “ClickShare Conference helps increase engagement and connection between participants in hybrid meetings.”

The dual display enables hybrid meeting participation for end users

The second Generation of ClickShare CX-50 includes twin-screen functionality, allowing the material to be displayed simultaneously on two-room displays. During video meetings, one of the displays is allocated to remote participants, who are always visible owing to the ClickShare App's intelligent meeting flows. This ensures a more equitable experience for all meeting participants, whether they join in person or remotely.

As with the whole ClickShare Conference product line, the new CX-50 2nd Generation is compatible with any device, videoconferencing platform, accessory, and meeting room type.

Integration and management flexibility for IT managers

The second version of ClickShare CX-50 provides native interoperability to fixed room system configurations by allowing automatic transition between Room and Bring Your Own Meeting modes. This will enable users to easily transition between the fixed room system configuration and alternative videoconferencing solutions. There is a single USB-C cable between the Base Unit and the room display to power the device and provide video output to the display, which simplifies connectivity possibilities. IT administrators can adhere to stringent internal security regulations by utilizing wireless and wired alternatives.

The combination of simple management via the XMS Cloud platform, SmartCare coverage, and the product's agnostic nature makes the CX-50 2nd Generation the most prudent investment for the future workplace.

One of the market's first carbon-neutral collaboration solutions

Barco's commitment to sustainability in product design is vital. In Barco's transparent assessment, all ClickShare devices carry the A++ eco-label. The intelligent eco-design of second-generation goods is shown in their ecological design choices, increased energy efficiency, and improved material utilization, with housing made from recycled, non-painted plastics.

Barco ClickShare also aims to deliver the CX-50 2nd Generation as one of the first carbon-neutral wireless conferencing solutions on the market, a natural extension of Barco's corporate principles and industry-leading, ambitious sustainability approach.

“By investing in people and planet with a well-balanced carbon footprint, ClickShare is committed to bringing customers the most sustainable, compliant, and flexible solution in the workplace. With one of the first carbon-neutral solutions in the industry, ClickShare is proving its position as an innovator in the collaboration and conferencing market,” Stijn Henderickx concludes.