In today’s business environment a HR leader must have good knowledge of modern technologies to lead a firm in a perfect manner.

FREMONT, CA:‘Digital HR Leader’ is a revolution & change-oriented HR leader who can fill the gap between digital experiences through technology and employee experience (EX) with a business-focused output. The business output would need to be defined by data and must lead to a revenue impact. The role of digital HR becomes more important in the technological era.

What is the role of Digital HR Leaders?

Be worthy of technology assessment: HR must become aware of tech trends in the field. The world is turning digital, and HR cannot and should not stay behind. In other words, have the answers to questions like which processes are already digitized or automated, which tools and systems are being used, and to what extent do they meet the needs? 

Become a consulting HR partner: A good HR should understand the workers and business needs to articulate individual journeys. This is a paradigm shift and requires several technology tools. Many organizations have already adopted AI in HR, and others are about to utilize modern technology. A necessity to deliver this would be a design thinking mindset, wherein the transformation never ends and is only a journey towards a swift and agile organization. Keep listening to your customers (employees) and keep prototyping solutions to stay in pace with the expectations.

Design a practical stakeholder management experience: Most of the digital leaders should become stakeholders such as business leaders, solution providers, and corporate IT involved early on and actively manages them throughout the transformation process to enable a frictionless experience. 

Lead team transformation: HR professional needs to be in the loop to enable a smoother digital transformational journey and the process of re-skilling the workforce. Thus, hire individuals who are aware of and willing to up skill. Inspire them so that they understand how digital integration can improve employee journeys and HR processes.

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