Employee wellness is going to be a critical aspect in 2023. Maintaining a flexible work atmosphere will help attract and retain employees.

FREMONT, CA: Every year brings renewed opportunities to support the employees. Now more than ever, organisations are turning to wellness programs with the purpose and action leading toward an optimal state of employee wellness to assist them to thrive collectively. Amidst the stress brought on by mass layoffs, recession, and cost-cutting, focusing on employees’ wellness has never been more essential.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is going to be a critical aspect in 2023. Employees' effective involvement in their job will greatly affect their attachment to the organisation. Here are a few examples of creating an engaging work culture:

• Allocating challenging tasks to the team.

• Ensuring that every role aligns with the employee's aptitudes and qualities.

• Appreciating individual actions.

• Fostering a flexible work atmosphere.

• Openness to change, compassion, and inclusiveness will be pivotal to attracting and retaining employees to the business.

Expert-led Health and Wellness Coaching

In today’s world, where we see neck-to-neck competition to achieve and deliver results, mental health frequently takes a back seat. Ensuring that employees remain physically and mentally fit can make a monumental difference. In the upcoming year, businesses must try to organise expert-led health and wellness sessions like yoga, aerobics, or Zumba to help relieve stress and anxiety. Chat sessions such as detoxing, creating happiness, laughter therapy, and more can also boost emotional resilience.

Fun Fridays

Individuals' happiness at work is impacted by their ability to relax, enjoy and have fun with peers and co-workers. The comfortable environment encourages positive thinking, better feelings, and improved mental health. Employees are less likely to skip work or make errors when they are content at work.

Monitor Food Intake

One of the most useful ways to ensure workplace wellness is by specifying healthy eating. During a hectic workday or week, many workers would mindlessly binge. But in 2023, leaders can assist their employees by encouraging them to eat healthily. They can introduce a compact pantry filled with healthy snacks. Organisations can also get a dietician on board to help the team make better food choices.

Well-stocked and Accessible Library

A good workplace should be organised to offer a comfortable corner to read. A small area can be devoted to book lovers to pick and read whichever book they like. The dedicated book corner aims to help leaders build a better work atmosphere and lead to a remarkable bonding exercise amongst the employees to read, discuss, and share their day-to-day experiences.

Leaders must remember there's no one-size-fits-all method to designing a health and wellbeing plan. It should be developed and implemented according to the organisation's requirements and characteristics relevant to employees.