Improved employee experience, sophisticated use of AI, and a better focus on organizational culture helps in attracting and retaining top IT talents in the organizations.

FREMONT, CA: The market for IT talent is seeing changes in the way tech pros are discovered, hired, and employed with the help of innovative technologies and also by emphasizing on cultivating organizational culture to attract and retain talents.

Here are five pointers organizations can follow to retain talents.

Applying Data Analytics when Hiring

Data analytics helps in forecasting candidates' success, reduce bias in hiring and promotions, and identify employees who are likely to leave. It also helps with employee performance and workforce planning. By applying data analytics to discover emerging IT roles and determining what traits are needed to succeed in those positions, the job descriptions to attract top candidates can be created. It also helps companies manage costs by analyzing siloed data across the company. Hiring managers can get complete information, including how much the hiring process is costing the company: cost per hire, cost by the department, onboarding expenses, and the cost of failing to retain current staff.

Implementing AI in HR

The implementation of AI helps recruiters alleviate the time spent on finding tech talents on job boards and social media and scanning resumes for the right skills. It helps filter out job candidates to a more manageable pool. But there are also fears on what its adverse effects might be, including bias, which makes it more difficult for the applicants to distinguish themselves in the job hunt. Letting candidates know the use of AI in the hiring process is important, as being too machine-based might put off candidates who are well versed in the technology.

 Simplified Online Application

Online application technologies will not only challenge candidates to differentiate themselves, but they will also challenge hiring teams to differentiate their postings.

Although AI and one-click applications may simplify the hiring process, it will lead to more candidates applying for the same position, making it even harder for the candidates to get noticed. But applicants need to take this opportunity and find ways to express their creativity and passion.

Mobile and Personal Touch

Companies need to focus on reaching out through channels that candidates are most comfortable using. Texting via cell devices is useful as it allows for more frequent and quick interactions with the candidates as they are expecting flexibility and the use of modern technologies.

Enhanced Employee Experience

People, place, product, and process are four parts that need to be focused on to attract and retain tech talents. By providing competitive compensation, benefits and employee training, flexible work arrangements, and transparent and effective management, a thriving culture for employees can be realized, thus making it easier for the organizations to attract and land with new talents.

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