A strong employer brand elevates organizations’ reputation among job seekers and helps them hire the best and suitable candidates. Here are a few tips to create and boost employer branding for startups

Fremont, CA: Startups, at their initial stage, may not have enough funds and time to focus on employer branding. Initially, the teams are small, each playing a number of roles simultaneously and working tirelessly to bring the company's vision to fruition. While going through a number of activities like from arranging seed fund, setting up of operation, to create an effective marketing campaign, the Founder/s usually ignore the aspects of employer branding.

A concrete recruitment strategy and employer branding play a significant role in a startup's success. A report says that 23 percent of startups fail due to not having the right team. A strong employer brand creates a reputation among job seekers and attracts the best candidate to the relevant positions.

Here are a few tips to create and boost employer branding for startups.

Definite Mission and Values

To recruit the right candidate, the recruiter must know well in advance what he wants from the candidates. The mission, vision, values, and objectives must be clear before one goes for recruiting. A mission and vision statement unites the complete team to work towards a common goal as well as attract candidates who believe in those missions and vision. It helps the team to prioritize the efforts to achieve the objectives set by the company. The mission and core values act as the guiding force for the employer brand; hence it is important to define a mission and core values before going for recruitment.

Create Candidate Personas

Though startups may not recruit the niche specialists as the tech giants do, they must ensure that whomever they are recruiting are capable enough to play their role at best. Creating candidate persona is the best practice while looking for a few specific roles, unlike generalizing as in case of hiring in bulk. Candidate persona helps the recruiter to tailor employer branding efforts in a meaningful way to attract more specific candidates, which saves plenty of time throughout the recruitment cycle.

Narrow your Sourcing Strategy

Being a Startup, one may not have a highly-experienced HR team. The marketing team becomes the strategist maker for the recruiter as they understand the industry and type of people required for a particular role. The marketing team can also advice and suggest the platforms needed to hire and the ways to create social copies for different platforms. Platforms may vary depending upon the candidate persona.

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