Organizational development (OD) is an integral approach to helping firms accomplish higher effectiveness by creating, enhancing, and supporting strategies, structures, and processes. With its roots in the early part of the 20th century, OD is recognized as one of the most effective ways of shaping employee behavior as well. In essence, its goal is to ensure that employees remain motivated and productive in a changing environment. Interestingly, helping businesses undertake a holistic OD endeavor is where NEW ONE cements its cornerstone.

NEW ONE provides organizational development and human resource development consulting support with engagement improvement as the linchpin for success. The company also provides a wide range of training to meet the needs of companies, from rank-based training such as new employee training and manager training to thematic training such as engagement training and career training.

Under the able leadership of Shuhei Uebayashi, president and CEO of NEW ONE, the company offers Accela—a mind training for a new employee to realize that independent work engages in any environment. To this end, NEW ONE builds three design policies to proactively understand its clients end goal and find the fun and difficulty in any working environment. The first one is where the company creates a place to notice and teach each other through hands-on business simulation and think about independence and the value of work. Secondly, NEW ONE promotes the independence of the real thing based on the value mechanism. And then finally designs a memorable experience emphasizing gamification that new employees cannot easily experience.

In addition to such meticulous OD plans, NEW ONE also offers PURPOSE—an autonomous career training program for young and mid-career employees that imbues them with self-determination and enhances the ability for an individual to build a career independently. Instead of a vague career image of the distant future, PURPOSE encourages individuals to set goals that have set foot on the ground and support them in achieving the same. With the implementation of PURPOSE, any organization can thus help their employees choose physiological success by setting up a career development practice in the workplace.

What’s more? NEW ONE is also a certified facilitator for the one-to-one practical program for managers. It is essentially a subordinate development ability improvement program (1on1 practice program), which aims at creating an attractive work environment. Managers and their employees can thus work harmoniously with a sense of growth and fulfillment, specifically aiming to activate communication in the workplace and support career development in the field.

Now, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, NEW ONE’s solutions are the best way to communicate with candidates while hiring. Fortified with its rich and extensive experience in the domain, NEW ONE is ready to take on any challenges that hinder its clients head-on. Moving forward, NEW ONE will ensure the success of its clients with its state-of-the-art platform and sophisticated tools to boost their organizational development and recruitment capabilities.