Headquartered near Nashville, MEDPlus Health Solutions is a customer service centric, technology-driven workers’ compensation claims processing organization. Having a comprehensive understanding of this industry from both the payor’s and claimant’s point of view, the company ensures quality customer service, fast turnaround time, and best rates. “Our claims adjusters or claims managers do all the leg work of finding the suitable healthcare provider in a claimant’s area. This is typically a timeand cost-intensive process, but we have been able to simplify this for our clients, forging our vast network of quality healthcare providers and an aggressive pricing structure,” says John Laftsidis.

In an interview with Manage HR, Laftsidis, Director of Sales and Marketing at MEDPlus, shares his insights into how their customer-centric and technologydriven workers’ compensation claims processing services help adjuster save time and money.

Could you give us a brief overview of MEDPlus Health Solutions?

MEDPlus is part of a global company, WS Audiology that specializes in manufacturing hearing aids. Since day one, it has been our goal to deliver quality claim-related services at a competitive price leveraging our high-level professionalism. We primarily serve large employers, third-party administrators, managed care organizations, self-insured employers, health insurance companies, and government agencies. Our aim is to build long-term relationships with clients and provide complete satisfaction to employers and claimants through a variety of claim-related services.

Clients trust us to coordinate with providers for making the claims process seamless. We have the capability to quickly onboard providers while saving significant money for clients. More importantly, the entire process is transparent without any hidden fees and charges.

Please tell us about the methodology that you follow to deliver your services.

We treat every client equally and serve each of them as if they are our first customers. Clients experience the benefits of working with a boutique-level company with enterprise-level expertise. We notify every party about each step of the claim process to keep them updated about the progress. Our team also continually tracks claim managers’ performance to ensure claims are being closed in a timely manner. The speedy and friendly service also makes claimants satisfied. Additionally, we archive every single detail of the claimant, provider, case manager, and third-party contact on every referral. This can be conveniently used for auditing as every phone call, visit, or correspondence is well documented.
Apart from claim service, we offer hearing healthcare services, hearing aids and durable medical equipment (DME). In many cases, an adjuster who utilizes our services for workers’ compensation hearing aids might require DME services for a claimant. They can easily leverage our onestop- shop that includes prosthetics, orthotics and non-medical nursing aids with a quick phone call.

Our claims adjusters or claims managers do all the leg work of finding the suitable healthcare provider in a claimant’s area

Could you give us a customer success story?

A client based in the Northwest with several offices in Idaho, Utah, and Montana started working with our hearing aid department manager for claim adjustment. The client knew that our team would go the extra mile to adjust the claim. The adjuster appreciated our consistency and responsiveness. We always responded the same day or the next day to their emails and remained available 24/7 on calls to discuss any details related to claims. Consequently, we gained the client’s trust us to handle their claimants without any doubt. We have strengthened the business relationship to such an extent that this company seeks MEDPlus’ service for all of their hearing aid cases.

What does the future look like for MEDPlus?

We focus on addressing the hearing needs of our customers. Our experts have extensive experience in the hearing space, including manufacturing and managed care. Being a part of the WSA family, we always have continuous support and access to resources for building better relationships, providing better patient care, and growing our business. In addition, we can provide WSA with crucial information about patients’ requirements. Accordingly, the engineers and the R&D teams can develop new technologies and solutions to address patients’ needs and deliver enhanced patient care and better customer service. We believe in undertaking a professional and honest approach to workers’ compensation claims that exceed the expectations of clients, providers, and claimants.