Shaun Mahoney, Founder and CEO, Mahoney Performance InstituteShaun Mahoney, Founder and CEO
Since its inception in 2013, Mahoney Performance Institute (MPI) has been instrumental in defining strategy, developing leadership, and designing a culture for large and small organizations. The firm listens carefully to clients to identify the gaps in their existing culture and design the plans and strategies to address those. MPI’s primary goal is to help clients build their organizational culture in a scalable and methodical fashion.

MPI’s team consists of practitioners with practical experience in building businesses. Their execution-ready knowledge and understanding of different tools drive growth-oriented companies to the pinnacle of success.

In a conversation with Manage HR, Shaun Mahoney, Founder and CEO of MPI, discusses how MPI’s team keenly listens to clients, helps them formulate a vision, and makes that vision a reality for growth, evolution, and success.

What are the hurdles clients face with organizational culture today?

From a cultural perspective, businesses often struggle to scale their existing culture. Most high-growth companies face the challenge of maintaining the culture they had during their foundation. In other words, they fail to scale and capitalize on the factors that once helped them succeed.

Organizations also struggle to attract more talent, despite having a great culture. Although a good culture can do wonders on the employee retention side, they struggle to articulate it and leverage it in a way that it gets new talent into the organization. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for them to define their culture and draw an appropriate game plan to make their team members aware of and embody their culture, especially those in the hiring process.

Many organizations face the challenge of striking a balance between their culture and compensation practices. They often perceive culture and compensation as separate and discreet aspects and fail to realize that they need to be aligned. We view both culture and compensation as critical components to attracting and retaining great people. It is crucial to develop practices of rewarding people who reflect the organization’s culture, values, and beliefs through their work. Finally, all endeavors to improve organizational culture boils down to communicating the culture throughout the organization to various stakeholders, reinforcing it to existing employees, and publicizing it in their community.
How do your services help balance strategy, leadership, and culture across organizations?

Since the inception of MPI, our motto has always been to define what drives performance. We believe that a strategic plan alone cannot help businesses succeed. Our performance formula involves working with clients to create a strategic direction that gives them a competitive edge. For this, they also need to have a leadership team that can execute that strategy and create a culture that can scale in alignment and support their strategic growth. MPI assists clients in all these areas.

Our team also analyzes clients’ management and leadership teams to determine whether they can successfully execute the strategy. Our clients design a plan to develop their leaders, including executive coaching, foundational training, topical workshops, and specialized developmental assignments. We also assist clients in building the right leadership development plans for leaders and individuals outside the leadership team.
  • We uphold the philosophy that culture, strategy, and leadership are the three performance drivers that are interconnected and need to work together for organizations to succeed

We uphold the philosophy that culture, strategy, and leadership are the three performance drivers that are interconnected and need to work together for organizations to succeed. With every engagement, we work with clients and monitor their progress while calculating their execution percentages along the way to keep them on track. We empower businesses to build and execute their strategic plans, backed by a strong leadership team that can ultimately improve the overall organizational performance.

What is the process that you follow while catering to clients?

Working collaboratively with clients, we grant them full access to our full library of tools. We empower businesses to own their strategy and growth initiatives. In addition to face-to face meetings, we often conduct sessions leveraging Zoom and Breakout rooms for larger groups and our clients across time zones.

We work with our clients before every session to allow our practitioners to tailor the sessions around the clients’ needs with the right tools, templates, and videos. This approach also helps to cut down the time with our team so they can focus more time on achieving their business goals.

MPI has also built the Managers’ Marketplace to provide high-level and mid-level managers with all the right tools and templates for improving leadership. Through the Managers’ Marketplace, we empower companies to be able to take themselves to the next level of success.