Aggie Mutuma, CEO, Mahogany Inclusion PartnersAggie Mutuma, CEO
In the past couple of years, Diversity and Inclusion has gathered significant momentum across global business communities as the conversation grew into a cultural phenomenon. Several studies have indicated that diverse groups often outperform those without diversity and even generate higher ROI. Though companies are implementing and heavily investing in D&I initiatives to comply with corporate governance and self-regulated CSR, on many occasions, they struggle to create programmes that result in actual change. “Organisations often don’t have clarity on what D&I means for their stakeholders, and they fail to understand how diversity and inclusion supports their strategic business endeavours,” begins Aggie Mutuma, CEO of Mahogany Inclusion Partners. Aggie and her team are on a mission to simplify the inclusion journey for businesses and empower people to rise above systemic barriers.

Having worked in the HR industry for over two decades as an HR Director, an executive coach and a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Aggie comprehensively understands the challenges faced by C-Suite leaders and also what their employees expect. Mahogany Inclusion Partners dives deep into its client’s operational practices, employee lifecycle, current objectives, and future business plans to help them align their D&I goals with business strategies and priorities. “Our D&I programmes are not just theoretical, they are practical and strategic. We work to address the unique critical challenges that are prevalent for our clients,” Aggie adds. As its name suggests, the company partners with its clients and supports them throughout the D&I strategic and implementation process.
With the purpose to make the world an equal and inclusive place, Mahogany Inclusion Partners makes sure that its clients understand how to enable every employee to thrive, both professionally and personally. The company practices what it preaches and offers its employees the flexibility and support needed by working professionals to deliver their best. Elaborating on this, Aggie adds, “It is not about the hours they work. For us, it is about the outcome they produce. What we advise our clients is a reflection of what we practice within our organisation.”

Over the past few months, Mahogany Inclusion Partners have worked with our leaders to amplify Black voices and help navigate sensitive conversations

Considering that leadership engagement is essential for the success of any organisation, Mahogany Inclusion Partners creates a safe and non-judgemental space where executives can honestly and freely discuss and explore D&I. “Often we expect our leaders to know everything. But to be fair, a lot of these ideas are very new to them too,” says Aggie. To empower leaders, Mahogany Inclusion Partners provides leadership coaching that helps them connect D&I with their personal values and overcome internal barriers. The company’s clients can weave D&I into their organisational and cultural structure, operations, and policies to bring their workforce together and deliver business goals. Mahogany Inclusion Partners offers coaching in groups as well as one-on-one conversations where employees can comfortably share their perspectives. The sessions are engaging, strategic, and mission-focused, fostering a transition from inclusion awareness to inclusion advocacy within the client’s organisation. In this way, leaders can develop confidence and commit to D&I while generating long-term and sustainable outcomes. The aspect of the company that its clients acknowledge the most is its customer-centric approach, its compassionate challenge and its proactive nature in implementing D&I.
Instead of pointing out deficiencies, Mahogany Inclusion Partners listens to its clients, identifies the positive aspects of their operations, and amplifies them. The company’s team consists of highly skilled and qualified experts who possess years of experience and deep academic knowledge about Diversity and Inclusion. The firm has supported and collaborated with several organisations, such as CIPD, British RedCross, Kingston University London, and NHS Health Research Authority. Mahogany Inclusion Partners helped Canon increase trust and faith within its workforce and openly explored the lived experience of employees of colour, and has helped Suez demystify D&I and raise awareness about racism. The company also partnered with Lloyd’s Register to amplify the voices of the Black community and navigate sensitive conversations.
  • Our D&I programmes are not just theoretical, they are practical and strategic. We work to address the unique critical challenges that are prevalent for our clients

Mahogany Inclusion Partners serves clients worldwide and aims to continue on the path to promote diversity and inclusion across organisations and businesses of all sizes and across all industries. As Aggie concludes, “While coming to work, one must feel safe to be and to deliver their best. If they are trying to conceal elements of who they are, they can’t realise their full potential. We feel honoured that we are able to partner organisations on their D&I journeys and provide them the tools and confidence to value and get the best out of every member of their team.”