Ricardo Marquez, Director of Business Development, LINK HOSPITALITYRicardo Marquez, Director of Business Development
The pandemic has further cemented ‘cleanliness and hygiene’ as a crucial requisite for workplace happiness and productivity. Companies are required to quickly find newer and effective ways of keeping their vicinities open for safe business operations. To that end, they are ready to go the extra mile to provide safer and germs-free workplaces to ensure better health for employees and customers alike.

Enter Link Hospitality!

Founded in 2016, Link Hospitality provides cleaning and sanitization services to help its clients attain clean and safe work environments. During the initial years, the company offered overnight cleaning and staffing services for hotels but later branched out to other services in the wake of the pandemic. Today, they are experts in commercial cleaning, talent acquisition and staffing, hotel management for clients’ non-revenue generating departments, and specialty cleaning services for hospitality, food and beverage, commercial businesses as well as federal agencies.

In an interview with the Manage HR magazine, Ricardo Marquez, Director of Business Development at Link Hospitality, talks about the company’s advanced equipment and 100% harmless, specialized cleaning agents that strengthen prevention measures against the coronavirus.

What are some of the challenges that Link Hospitality addresses for their clients?

The foremost challenge the industry is facing is the shortage of skilled labor, especially since the pandemic. To resolve this shortage, Link Hospitality is investing and engaging in partnerships to acquire more tools for human resources and guide businesses towards right-fit talents. For instance, we overcame the labor shortage by partnering with a local government agency in South Florida to help job seekers find suitable roles.

Another challenge we have observed is the plethora of sanitation-related misinformation floating around us. Link Hospitality has taken great care in documenting the right information and insights from the government and other federal agencies. First, we allocated more resources to research and development and information gathering to make a difference in our partners’ businesses, communities, and the government. We spent over three months in intense research to find out the most effective and harmless sanitization equipment and products capable of neutralizing the virus.
Furthermore, Link Hospitality has a team responsible for curating and updating the latest news about restrictions, variants, and approved sanitization chemicals from government agencies. It enables us to be efficient in our fight against the coronavirus and other disease-causing microorganisms. All our cleaning services are coupled with sanitation services, meaning that we never fail to sanitize the property we clean.

What process do you follow to provide clients with superior cleaning and sanitization services?

We partner up with best-in-class vendors for specialized cleaning products and agents. For instance, we have been proud to have a long-term partnership with one of our vendors since day one. The vendor provides cleaning supplies, property information, and on-demand training. Lately, we are approaching them to get the latest equipment to overcome the evolving challenges of COVID-19.

In terms of our cleaning process, we go through a questionnaire with our clients to understand their requirements. Following this, our operations manager visits the site for inspection and identifies existing issues. Then, we bring our specialized team of selected sanitization experts and equip them with the proper PPE suitable for deep cleaning and sanitization. We take all kinds of precautions to keep people away from harm, including prohibiting their entry into a vicinity undergoing cleaning. Even though we use harmless chemicals, some people may be sensitive or allergic to specific cleaning agents.

Link Hospitality sanitization specialists use a special fogger, which is currently the best sanitization tool in the market. This tool uses a safe, high-grade EPA-registered disinfectant comprising microparticles that disinfect high touchpoints and hard-to-reach areas. In addition, the microparticles of the fogger can stay on surfaces for up to seven days, meaning that people can now have their area sanitized for an extended period.

What distinguishes Link Hospitality from other market players?

The two main areas that differentiate us in the market are our team members’ welfare and client partnerships. We care for our clients and take our relationships a notch higher to call it a partnership. Link Hospitality has a short response time, meaning we identify and extend services to our partners almost immediately.

We are also proud to be an organization that creates an environment where our team members are honored . At Link Hospitality, every team member’s career path gets taken care of. The company always supports its team members and diligently values their skills and experience. For example, whenever there is an opportunity for a housekeeper to get promoted to the role of housekeeping supervisor, manager, or director, Link Hospitality always pushes the person towards it. Even our CEO, Cristian Longo, started as a houseman working in hotels. But today, he has successfully donned the role of CEO because Link Hospitality has supported him in his career growth.

Can you share a case study where Link Hospitality engaged with clients and helped them?

Link Hospitality satisfies every client it caters to, but one of the most recent partnerships was with the police department of Miami Beach. We had the opportunity to sanitize all their official response vehicles and offices and thoroughly sanitize them to help police officers feel safer and satisfied about their workspace and transport. The Miami Beach police have been risking their health and lives to serve the communities. The whole project was significant to us as we did the greater good of helping a community stay safe and protected.
  • We care for our clients and this is why we take our relationships with them a notch higher and call it a partnership

What are Link Hospitality’s plans for the upcoming 12 to 18 months?

Our primary goal is to expand Link Hospitality geographically as well as headcount, and keep supporting people in our community to secure more than a job opportunity. We want that the people who join our organization, have the opportunity to grow and make a career in the hospitality industry.