Masanao Kawauchi, managing executive officer , Link and Motivation IncMasanao Kawauchi, managing executive officer
Every organization’s worth is increasingly dependent on its ability to learn rapidly through changing times and adapt to the newer norms happening within society. Businesses must generate growth and navigate volatile changing market dynamics by improving their organizational development strategy with programs that directly increase efficiency. Link and Motivation’s transformation services, backed by well-defined yardsticks to measure success, drives real-time decision-making, allows supervisors to comprehend large amounts of actionable data swiftly, and eliminates the need for excessively long reports. Link and Motivation Inc is validating this concept of Employee Engagement transformation by offering a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive, and all-in-one solution. The company’s one-stop solution set addresses organizational development, business administration, social systems theory, behavioral economics, and individual development.

Since its inception over 20 years ago, the company has helped corporate clients and individuals achieve exceptional and quantifiable growth through motivational engineering and in the process amassing a wealth of knowledge to validate its best of breed services. Through employee engagement scores and the restructuring of HR systems, Link and Motivation has assisted many companies and millions of employees in transforming their organizational culture. The company enables a client’s top management to gain complete visibility of different departments, groups, managers, and divisions of an organization with its consulting and transformation services. Collectively, these services enable a client’s senior management to identify problems and, with the help of the company’s consulting team, devise proven strategies to boost employee engagement, leverage on new opportunities and address relevant employee and company concerns.

Interestingly, Link and Motivation assesses and grades a company’s employee engagement compared to other businesses in the industry and then assigns an “ES” Engagement Score rating from double D to triple A. The rankings provide clients with an insight into how they rank in the market and in their specific industry. This allows for clear goal setting after which guidance and actions are defined on how the client can execute an effective and successful employee engagement strategy.

The company’s offerings, particularly in the HR tech arena, largely focus on engagement surveys using its Motivation Cloud solution and transformational consulting services. Motivation Cloud ensures the successful implementation of new initiatives by using the Plan, Do, Check, and Action (PDCA) cycle for organizations. It first diagnoses an organizations current status, then prepares a plan of action to set goals, then executes the plan to achieve those goals. Link and Motivation then verifies whether the end-result was obtained, failing which it repeats the cycle until the desired outcome is attained. “For us, the fundamental idea is to provide an “only one” service, a unique solution in the marketplace, which combines survey engagement, employee engagement, consultation, and transformation services,” states Mr. Masanao Kawauchi, managing executive officer at Link and Motivation Inc. The company’s comprehensive solution has been well suited for businesses in Japan during the pandemic, as many companies had to suddenly implement remote work policies, which resulted in a huge drop in employee engagement. Link and Motivation’s services were increasingly engaged during the pandemic situation, and many large tier one companies in Japan sought the company’s assistance in improving their remote employee engagement.

A recent study at two research laboratories in collaboration with Keio University highlights the firm’s competency proving the correlation between (ES) engagement scoring ratings and the actual business performance. The company possesses clear statistical data demonstrating that greater levels of employee engagement lead to increased profitability, higher labor productivity, and better employee retention. This statistical data allows a customer to evaluate the value of the service and the actual outcome of that service. Furthermore, the results provide actionable information for publicly traded companies to drive key decisions, given the direct correlation between profitability and scores.
  • For Us, The Fundamental Idea Is To Provide “Only One” Services, A Really Unique Solution In The Marketplace, Which Combines Survey Engagement, Employee Engagement, Consultation, And Transformation Services

Today, the company is still working with Keio University and others to bring in more quantifiable information while adhering to the ideals of its primary purpose of boosting employee engagement score ratings for its clients. With such a strong USP in the Japanese market, Link and Motivation is working towards revolutionizing the work environment in Japan. In terms of technology and tools, Link and Motivation is also spending heavily to improve and develop employee engagement in remote and hybrid environments, where the firm has identified greater potential for newer technological deployment.