Curtis Grajeda, Managing Partner, LevelUPCurtis Grajeda, Managing Partner
Employees are the foundation of an organization, and when great talent is sourced and hired correctly amazing business initiatives result. In contrast, if hired inefficiently the organization may incur serious consequences. It is the main responsibility of a recruiter to witness the best possible outcomes for their client, by utilizing top-tier recruitment methodologies. Especially today, as recruitment remains a predominantly candidate-driven process. The separation from good-to-great recruitment relies on both the recruiter’s initiative and the employers shift in focus from solely hiring talent to building long-term talent strategies.

New York-based, LevelUP understands what it takes to offer a tailored solution to enhance an organization’s recruitment strategy, and hire great talent. LevelUP shoulders the responsibility of its clients’ recruitment lifecycle and delivers professional talent and workforce solutions to ensure that the clients’ talent demands are exceeded.

LevelUP offers an array of solutions that are meant to be customized to an organization’s individual needs. LevelUP provides the Enterprise RPO Solution to manage the entire talent acquisition program of a business, which encompasses every aspect of the hiring process starting from shortlisting to on-boarding. Organizations are often faced with the challenge of responding promptly to market demands. To bridge this gap, LevelUP’s Project RPO Solution proves to be of great benefit by improving the clients’ talent acquisition strategy. The solution delivers hired talent quickly and allows the client to properly scale their business. For solutions focused on completing the hiring process, LevelUP provides the On-Demand Recruiter Solution. This offers constant support in the crucial stages of recruitment cycle; such as peak hiring, compressed timeframes, hard-to-fill positions or at the time of special projects.

“We are turning recruitment into a professional service and our goal is to provide clients a phenomenal experience with the entire talent acquisition process,” says Curtis Grajeda, Managing Partner of LevelUP.

We are turning recruitment into a professional service and our goal is to provide clients a phenomenal experience with the entire talent acquisition process

The company is re-inventing the talent acquisition program from its traditional models to en-able clients to identify top talent in the marketplace.

Thriving on the success of its clients, LevelUP is committed to delivering the best possible services, and this commitment translates to transparency. The company strives for excellence in all its endeavors and seeks to build long-term relationships with each client. By developing a thorough understanding of their specific strengths, LevelUP is able to craft a custom talent acquisition strategy accordingly.

LevelUP was once entrusted with centralizing the entire talent acquisition program for a Leading International Bank, a which due to its decentralized talent acquisition program, experienced an inefficiency in terms of cost and liability. The LevelUP team implemented its Enterprise RPO Solution for the bank which focused on both direct hires and the contingent workforce. Not only did the team deliver great service in terms of sourcing, process management, and candidate experience but also provided the bank with hard dollar savings. “Our enterprise RPO solution enabled a Leading International Bank to recoup their contingent resourcing process, to obtain higher quality resources, and to reduce their time selecting candidates,” mentions Grajeda. LevelUP’s talent acquisition program is not just about delivering the talent but the overall management of such.

Currently operating in the U.S, Canada, London, and some parts of Europe, LevelUP looks forward to expanding its footprint in the APAC region. From the service standpoint, the company has received great recognition from its clientele and leaders in the HR space. The company aims to continue creating seamless talent strategies. Since the beginning of its journey, LevelUP stands true to its name, evolving consistently to become a human capital consultancy that enhances an organization’s talent acquisition, talent retention, and related talent programs. The company strives to deliver only the best- because when great talent is sourced and hired correctly, amazing business initiatives result.