Lynn Bennett, Founding Partner, and President, Leadership IntelligenceLynn Bennett, Founding Partner, and President
Coaching is not a regulated profession. Anyone can jump on the coaching wagon without any academic credentials, business acumen, or coaching expertise.

Leadership Intelligence believes in the profession and is a champion of high ethical and professional standards that certified coaches bring to the marketplace. Throughout the coaching engagement, starting with a rigorous coach selection process that matches clients’ needs with the ideal coach, the company takes concrete steps to constantly align with the International Coaching Federation Foundation (ICF) best practices.

“Personalized coaching is relevant because it pinpoints the precise areas that need training support. One can compare it to learning different musical disciplines. Learning piano sonata is vastly different from learning jazz; you will be exposed to different mentors and musical frameworks. Similarly, here at Leadership Intelligence, once we understand a leader’s precise requirements, we find the right coach, consultant, and framework to ensure they’re partnered with a professional or team that truly understands their unique needs and can deliver creative and effective solutions,” says Lynn Bennett, founding partner and president of Leadership Intelligence.

Taking Leadership Coaching to the Next Level

Leadership Intelligence is a community of experts that deliver customized coaching, consulting, and learning solutions. Their community-based practice meets regularly to share the latest techniques and approaches discuss prevailing trends in the coaching environment and workshop client issues.

Putting this learning into practice, Leadership Intelligence helps their clients develop influential, compassionate leaders that empower teams and create sound and sustainable strategies.

The 3C’s of Leadership Intelligence: A Unique Framework for Leadership Coaching

Leaders are confronted with many challenges, and one common issue is overcoming the ‘imposter syndrome’. Self-confidence is a key element and at the heart of leaders’ performance and success, and improving confidence is a central feature of Leadership Intelligence’s 3C framework.

The 3C framework is a set of coaching tools and techniques woven around the fundamental concepts of building capability, capacity, and confidence to help leaders up their game by taking on new skills and greater responsibility. According to Bennett, the 3C’s have gone a long way in helping clients avoid the traps of confusion, deliver results, build credibility in their capabilities, and regain a strong sense of confidence. It has made a clear difference in the lives of many of her executive clients.

A Winning Approach to Coaching Leaders and their Teams

The pace of work within organizations has never been faster and organizations need so much more from their teams. Leadership Intelligence, leveraging a proven approach works with its clients to help them improve both team dynamics and productivity while building and sustaining meaningful relationships and the results they require.

Every team coaching engagement begins with an initial assessment based on The Team Framework and its three underlying tools—Team Wheel to discover the unique factors that make the team effective; Team Operating Mode, which shows an operating mode to generate real interactive teamwork; and Team LifeCycle, which identifies what team members require as they move through the stages of team development to be a fully contributing member. Together, these tools enable team leaders and teams, guided by their team coach, to reflect on their current strengths, vulnerabilities, identify gaps, and build meaningful development plans and move to action.

Leadership Intelligence’s team coaches are different – they work with their clients in Real Time while teams do Real Work, and achieve Real Results.

Our purpose is performance; our passion is people. Let us help you to identify, explore, and truly understand your unique needs. Then together we will collaborate to develop and implement creative and sustainable solutions

The coaching agenda is then implemented to help leaders tackle real-world problems during coaching sessions and swiftly apply the lessons in the workplace for immediate impact.

Bringing Out the Best in Leaders

With its proven approach to executive, leadership, and team coaching, the company is set to offer powerful techniques which cultivate deeper levels of awareness, and hone and develop new leadership and team skills that can be cascaded throughout the organization and have a long-lasting impact. By having meaningful conversations driven by curious questions, performing relevant assessments, and brainstorming and exploring ideas, Leadership Intelligence helps its clients enhance both individual and team capabilities in a way that sustains and becomes a part of their leadership DNA.