Andreas Kriwan, CEO and Founder, KriCon AcademyAndreas Kriwan, CEO and Founder
Leaders are driven by purpose, like the Wright Brothers who gave the world the concept of a flying machine: They do what they do for their ‘why’, then they think about ‘how’ and then ‘what’ to do. KriCon understands this driving force for leaders to serve their purpose and to thrive their companies in today’s world filled with competition, challenges and complexity.

KriCon is a training and coaching company focussing on creating lasting change in organisations by discovering the ‘why’ in each individual and the whole corporation. It explores why two-thirds of change projects in companies fail after following the traditional approaches and develops solutions for successful organisational and personal transformation. With its seminars, KriCon offers state of the art knowledge and solutions on leadership and apply it in client’s establishments. It starts with C-level coaching, mentoring, training and seminars, supporting in becoming the best possible version.

Organisational changes is complex. To face it, KriCon assembles five to seven individuals from across the organisation, which includes C-level and employees from other positions in the company. Everyone involved in this change initiative must apply and are not chosen arbitrarily by KriCon. To find issues in different departments of the company, the program happens regularly, with one or two sessions a week lasting about two hours. The initiative makes quick fixes wherever possible and corrects bigger issues within 6 to 12 months in small increments. Main focus is to discover leverage and applying actionable strategies and tools with the highest impact.

The company strongly believes that leaders must lead themselves before leading others. The C-levels have to ensure that its leaders and employees are competent and motivated, which is one of the topics in KriCons’ trainings and seminars. It also teaches how to be a cultural leader, where C-levels do not have to be present to lead.

Additionally, the company delivers immediate results. Once they start probing for problems, one focus is to give hints and solutions by asking questions.“ Our clients are the strongest force in projects, and we offer them a differentiated skill set. We deliver from the first moment and empower for change.” says Andreas Kriwan, CEO and Founder of KriCon.
  • Our clients are the strongest force in projects, and we offer them a differentiated skill set. We deliver from the first moment and empower for change

To showcase the value that KriCon brings, their collaboration with one company whose CEO worked 100 hours a week is a great example. After working with KriCon for eight months, the CEO could go on a seven-week vacation without any issues.

For companies looking to improve its leadership skills, KriCon becomes a guiding light in times of distress. By discovering reasons, beliefs and values as to why leaders do what they do, they can direct their companies by sharing these beliefs in their establishment and helping their employees find their ‘why.’