Sabina Kornblit, Managing Partner, Kornblit & PartnersSabina Kornblit, Managing Partner
Highly skilled professionals with specialized expertise are crucial for driving the sustainable and scalable growth of any organization, especially in today’s ever-evolving digital environment. These promising transformative leaders are often passive job seekers, making talent acquisition a formidable challenge.

Kornblit & Partners supports clients’ recruitment processes with its unique ability to engage with top class candidates and quick turnaround times.

It offers valuable staffing solutions to clients that require fast project delivery. Kornblit & Partners has successfully completed over 1,000 executive search recruitment processes for senior managerial and board member roles, as well as hundreds of tailored support projects in challenging HR processes, including cross-border recruitments, interim management, mapping, and outplacement.

“This is about experience, flexibility, trust and rapport. Clients consider our firm as business partner not just a recruitment agency. They appreciate us for going that extra mile to secure placements, where others have not been able to succeed,” Sabina Kornblit, managing partner at Kornblit & Partners.

The firm is focused on building a diverse executive talent pool and extending its expertise in other market areas, especially those related to the latest technologies. Its database comprises more than 100,000 profiles of potential candidates with versatile educational and professional backgrounds. That gives K&P’s consultants exceptional knowledge and the big picture, thereby recommending the best candidates on the market to the client.

Presenting opportunities to top-tier candidates not always considering a job change is crucial to successful recruitment. Kornblit & Partners’ goal as a recruiter is to highlight a broader perspective to these candidates, introducing new areas of possible development they may not have previously known. In a way, it acts as an employer branding manager for its clients. Kornblit & Partners carefully analyzes a candidate’s predispositions and expectations to ascertain the right fit for current and future roles. On an equal footing, it dedicates time to candidates, caring about their experience during the hiring process.

Its team members place great importance on comprehending and fulfilling client requirements, which can demand a significant degree of adaptability in their approach. The Kornblit & Partners team demonstrated its commitment to delivering exceptional services when it helped a global client enter the Polish market during the festive season. Despite this daunting task, the team went above and beyond to identify top-notch professionals who became the backbone of the client’s new business venture. They could begin the New Year with a skilled and talented team by their side, enabling them to achieve goals without any hitches.

Kornblit & Partners has a unique way of recruiting that distinguishes it from others, especially when the number of potential candidates is limited, or there are geographical limitations. It thoroughly examines a client’s competitive landscape, analyzing each company and profile to find the best match for their specific needs.

This is about experience, flexibility, trust and rapport. Clients consider our firm as business partner not just a recruitment agency. They appreciate us for going that extra mile to secure placements, where others have not been able to succeed

Rather than looking at job requirements, Kornblit & Partners takes into account the wider industry, market circumstances, and organizational culture when creating the ideal candidate profile. Each recruitment project is treated as a fresh opportunity to reach the best candidates and present exceptional individuals even for niche or newly created roles. It acts as an advisor supporting clients from the early stage such as determining detailed expectations and defining competencies that will be key for the new role or developing a job description.

The driving force behind Kornblit & Partners’ success is its team of expert consultants, with critical and long-term thinking skills and comprehensive competencies, who are passionate about their work, eagerly undertake the most unconventional and complex projects.

Since 1999 Kornblit & Partners has worked with multinational corporations like McDonald’s, General Electric, BNP Paribas, Millennium Bank Group, Commerzbank and a number of Polish companies to enhance their financial operations and business performance. Companies seeking a business partner committed to their success can turn to Kornblit & Partners for finding exceptional talent.