Jorge A. Molina, Managing Partner, J Molina Law FirmJorge A. Molina, Managing Partner
J Molina Law Firm PLLC is an Arlington-based law firm that helps people and businesses achieve their immigration goals. The company ensures that its clients have appropriate legal representation and offers prompt service with a seamless customer experience. The legal services provided by the firm comprise deportation defense, green card application, immigration waivers, , naturalization, and Visa related cases, to name a few. By leveraging technology, the J. Molina Law Firm has been operating paperless with remote working capability for its clients’ convenience. Manage HR magazine interacted with Jorge A. Molina, Managing Partner of the firm, to know more about the firm and its offerings.

Excerpts from the interaction:

How is your company positioned today in the immigration law space? What are the capabilities that make it unique in this field?

The J. Molina Law Firm works exclusively in the immigration and nationality law field. Our three promises to our clients are: excellent legal representation, prompt service, and outstanding customer experience. We can deliver this by using technology. We provide faster service as per the convenience of our clients and reduce costs for them. So, all the savings that we make through this approach are passed on to clients as added benefits. Today, we are no longer restricted by geography; we can serve clients worldwide. Our clients are from all over the world. We have served clients from countries such as China, Korea, India to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Egypt, and countries from Europe and Americas.

Speaking of the global client base that you have as a law firm, how do you provide them with services according to the unique pain points and challenges?

Depending on the client’s needs, we follow different approaches. One of the most common scenarios that we face is individuals petitioning a family member. The regulations and requirements change all the time, and the ones that have been there for a long time often are counterintuitive. So, we encounter situations where people are either completely lost, or there has been a mistake, or the case has been stuck for a long time.

On the other hand, we also have experienced individuals or people who have faced issues with immigration. To avoid those issues, they come to us. They want their loved ones to be in the United States as fast as possible. We can streamline the process. The third category is of businesses looking for employees, but even with all their effort, including online posts and word of mouth information, they cannot find them. So, we help them bring candidates that they feel would be a good fit for their businesses.

Could you please walk me through the process followed by your company, starting from customer on-boarding to the delivery of your services?
Primarily, we get our clients through word of mouth. In addition, our online presence helps us in this regard. That is usually how people find us. Then we give them several options of meeting with us--either in person or through a video conference or phone call--and we determine whether we are on the same page.

The next step is to get their work done promptly. So, we set clear expectations concerning what we will need from them and vice versa. Usually, we can have a case ready to be filed within three to four weeks. We ensure that we can communicate effectively. So, it is about making things more seamless.

Could you share an instance wherein a client came to you with a particular challenge, and you solved it?

There are some low-cost services offered online that end up being more expensive. Those cases tend to be denied, or there is an issue, and clients come to us for help as they do not understand what happened. We correct the problem and submit it. We help them get results faster because everything is done correctly. Another scenario is of people who have undergone tremendous trauma. We give those individuals their confidence back, giving them hope despite their trauma.
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Another group of people is one that face deportation and often hears that their case is hopeless or there is nothing that can be done. We are willing to undertake such complex cases. We take each case individually. We see if we can provide value, and even if it requires collaboration with the entire family or the entire company, we are here to help and do the work.

What gives you the competitive edge over the other firms in this domain?

For us, it is always our clients first. We put their interest even ahead of our interests. Our team is very cohesive and works in great harmony. From the person who answers the phone to the case manager to me, we all know the client and understand their circumstances. To be clientcentric, you need to be employee-centric first, and you must empower your employees to do the type of work you expect from yourself. So, that’s fundamental - having a well-functioning team empowered to make the right decisions promptly. Our other unique attribute is that we have the right tools available to ensure that we can do the job.