Integral HR Solutions is a highly service-oriented HR consulting practice that provides a full-suite of human resources services and support to organizations. The company adopts a pragmatic approach to human resources services to develop practical solutions that help meet businesses’ varying people management needs. Integral HR Solutions’ expertise includes leadership training and development, executive coaching, front-line management coaching, organizational change management, performance management systems creation, employee assessment, employee engagement, employee and labour relations, recruitment and selection, and workplace investigation. Needless to say, its ability to integrate human resources best practices with clients’ business objectives helps clients unleash increased profitability while fostering an engaged, performance-driven workforce.

In an interview with Manage HR, Anthony Folan, Managing Director of Integral HR Solutions, shares his insights on how the company leverages its expertise to provide exceptional leadership development solutions to clients.

How does Integral HR Solutions help clients mitigate their leadership development challenges?

Indeed, the leadership development space is continuously evolving, as are the challenges associated with them. Businesses face two key challenges in today’s highly competitive, result-oriented environment.

a. Organizations are saddled by inefficient leadership development strategies, workplace conflicts, and a lack of alignment among their key leaders. This has a negative impact when attempting to retain and engage top performers. As such, they’re constantly looking for a third-party facilitator that can help facilitate organizational and cultural change.

b. Leadership development is often challenging for organizations that appoint and promote leaders solely on sector experience and related technical competencies. While such individuals excel at enhancing their businesses’ technical footprint, they lack the requisite leadership skills which are essential for developing high performance teams. This can adversely impact an organizations’ performance and growth strategies.

Serving as a leader in the human resources services space since 2006, we excel at helping clients mitigate these challenges and establish practical leadership strategies. We have developed a full-suite of leadership development, coaching, and management training solutions, which can be facilitated onsite and virtually. The process begins with the Integral HR Solutions team working with clients’ key leaders to perform a situational analysis. The information gathered during this process is used to craft comprehensive educational and coaching programs tailored to address their specific needs. As a result, our service offerings are developed to augment clients’ key leadership competencies, which range from emotional intelligence, relationship building, accountability, performance management, and healthy conflict.

We conduct an employee climate survey when organizations are unaware of the root cause of discord. By gathering feedback directly from our clients’ employees, it helps us paint a complete picture of their environment, organizational culture and current climate from the lens of an employee. Our leadership and professional development programs are then customized to address specific needs. In a nutshell, we offer tailored solutions to clients rather than following a cookie-cutter approach—a testament to our customer centricity.

Could you elaborate on Integral HR Solutions’ service delivery approach?

Most clients prefer to start their leadership development initiatives with a three-day leadership boot camp. To align with this strategy, team Integral HR Solutions develop an initial robust two-day educational and awareness program based on their leaders’ business needs, challenges, skills and competencies. Unlike others, we hold a follow up session six to eight weeks after the successful completion of the leadership boot camp, resuming the program after analyzing the initial impacts of the education and awareness. While numerous programs across the globe fail to provide sustainable results, we always strive to provide meaningful outcomes that create a longstanding impact on organizational culture. Our programs empower participants to embrace, adopt, and introduce the proven strategies, processes, and methodologies we promote throughout the education sessions. Participants establish individual and team goals and objectives that are operationalized and put into practice.

In addition to facilitating leadership development and corporate training programs, we assist organizations in creating and aligning best-in-class HR practices and strategies that support strategic business plans while driving cultural change.Our coaching programs customized for executives and frontline leaders compliment our training programs and generate alignment throughout the organization.

What are some new trends you see in the leadership development space?

In addition to traditional requests for leadership development and management training, organizations are reaching out to discuss programs and initiatives that promote and raise awareness in relation to Diversity, Inclusion, Resiliency and Respect in the Workplace.

Regarding leadership development, the post-pandemic era has been a heavy lift for organizations, especially for their HR departments. Considering the ripple effects created by the Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing “Great Resignation,” it is extremely difficult for businesses to source, recruit, and retain highly qualified, competent people. This makes professional development more crucial than ever for organizations to stay relevant and competitive in their respective markets.

Our programs are developed to augment clients’ key leadership competencies, which range from emotional intelligence, relationship building, accountability, performance management, and healthy conflict

Senior leaders are becoming cognizant of the importance of investing in their leaders and supervisors that provide direction, advice and counsel to frontline staff. The pandemic also led to the use of technologies in the leadership development space. Once performed on-site, Integral HR Solutions’ human resources services are predominantly delivered virtually. It allows us to provide cost effective solutions, leadership teams attend our programs virtually at their convenience. However, as the restrictions are being lifted slowly, organizations are transitioning back to onsite sessions and highly interactive workshops.

Understanding that attracting and retaining competent employees provides organizations with a competitive advantage, we provide practical strategies and programs that create results and/or service-oriented cultures, which ultimately reward and recognize employees for their contribution.

How does your experience in the professional development space benefit Integral HR Solutions’ growth?

With three decades of experience in the leadership management space, I have worked with several organizations facilitating both organizational and cultural change. This experience, coupled with an entrepreneurial mindset, helped me establish Integral HR Solutions, providing a range of leadership development, coaching, and management training solutions. I also leverage my strategic HR experience to offer expertise in managing complex employee relations and labour relations issues. Not just that, practical hands-on training workshops are tailored for leaders and frontline supervisors who are dealing with increased customer, employee, and organizational expectations.

We always leverage industry best practices in the HR space to provide clients with the best solutions, making us a reliable long-term partner for a broad clientele across Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and Europe.