Tim Adams, SVP New Business Development, Insource Employer SolutionsTim Adams, SVP New Business Development
InSource Employer Solutions is an administrative service organization (ASO) that offers workers’ compensation as part of its employer services. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, it expertly tailors workers’ compensation solutions, to reduce claims and costs while delivering a bestin- class experience for clients and their employees.

In an interview with Manage HR, Tim Adams, SVP of New Business Development at InSource Employer Solutions, sheds light on the organization’s method of providing clients with better claims experiences. He also explains how their robust approach helps clients achieve and sustain claims reductions and helps HR managers improve employee acquisition and retention.

Delivering Impactful Workers’ Compensation Solutions

Jim Wilson and Scott Dyess founded InSource Employer Solutions in 2006, targeting the market need for pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation plans that allow for monthly versus typical annual payments. Organizations operating in rapidly changing environments or that have cash flow constraints benefit from this monthly payment model. InSource has grown significantly and as Tim Adams, SVP of Business Development shares, “Today, InSource’s programs are incredibly flexible, with clients ranging from $250k to over $80M in payroll. We operate across numerous industries and nationwide, with a specialty in Staffing companies and tailor our program to the client’s needs, risk tolerance and budget.”

As HR professionals are acutely aware, a massive challenge in today’s market is the persistent labor shortage. Competitive pricing is another issue, putting pressure on companies’ profits. InSource helps partners mitigate these challenges with a twopronged approach that leverages their experience and focus on customer experience. Tim asserts, “We believe that the best claims, are the ones that don’t happen. We’ve assembled an incredible team with over 100 years of workers comp experience to partner with clients to improve worker safety. We tailor claims prevention initiatives coupled with proactive claims management to reduce accidents, thereby reducing injuries and the frequency and severity of claims. This leads to lower premium and improved client profitability and competitiveness. Improved worker safety attracts new employees and aids in the retention of existing employees by showing that employers care.”

Competitive Advantage through Prevention and Proactive Management

InSource uses proactive claim prevention and claims management to offer their partners a competitive advantage. During their initial sales process, they do a comprehensive risk assessment of every prospective client and use this information in two key ways. First, they ensure that there is a good fit between InSource and this prospect to build a longterm relationship. They leverage risk assessment findings to tailor safety programs and educate HR managers on how to hire employees who can perform their job duties safely. There are various tools available including Drug Free workplace, post offer medical, fit for duty programs, and a large library of safety brochures and training programs.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and InSource proactively manages the claims experience for the client and the employee through their claims advocacy platform. Tim shares, “Leveraging our proprietary system, we facilitate rapid claims reporting to ensure that the worker is given appropriate care and treatment. We then focus on getting them back to work and normal life by partnering with the client on returnto- work programs. These keep the employee active, productive and their morale high, improving the worker ’s experience.”

A Great Experience for Clients AND Employees

Tim relates how InSource benefits both employers and employees. “On the employer side, we partnered with a client who historically had extremely poor claims experience that continued to deteriorate. This increased their workers’ comp cost and hurt their core business. We implemented claims prevention programs and proactively managed their claims. After 6 months, we saw a reduction in their claims expense of over 50 percent. They have since sustained that level of reduction, enabling them to focus on competing in the market.”

Without a doubt, our competitive advantage is our people. Their care and professionalism differentiate us from the rest of the market

“Another example focuses on the impact we had on an employee’s life. He was working in a very rural area and severed a finger. Our client drove him to the local emergency room and informed us of the accident. The local hospital wasn’t equipped to handle his injury, so we immediately tapped into our panel of doctors and were able to secure arguably the best hand surgeon in the state. We arranged for him to check into the nearest hospital to perform the surgery. Incredibly this gentleman returned to work in 1 week on a modified duty and made a full recovery which is rare in these circumstances. Because of the quick return to work, we didn’t need to pay any Temporary Total Disability (TTD) which is virtually unheard of. The client and employee were thrilled with the result.”

People Delivering on a Promise

Tim shares the key to InSource’s ability to deliver these amazing results. “Without a doubt, our competitive advantage is our people. Their care and professionalism differentiate us from the rest of the market. We have an incredible companywide culture that promotes caring, innovation, and ownership. We’ve grown to over 50 employees, and our employee turnover rate is less than one percent. Our client relationship managers are the heart and soul of the organization. They provide personalized services for clients and act as a single point of contact.”

Despite being a market leader, Tim concludes by saying that InSource is never complacent. “We’re always looking for ways to improve. We speak with our partners frequently and truly listen to their feedback on what we can do better. When a client has a great experience, we want to replicate that satisfaction across our business. Our leadership team strives to grow and develop our people and our capabilities. This culture flows through to our clients and how we care for them and their employees.”