Darren Hargrove, Director of Operations and Keneidra Hargrove, CEO, Innovative Directions Investment Group (IDIG)Darren Hargrove, Director of Operations and Keneidra Hargrove, CEO
Founded in 2017, Innovative Directions Investment Group (IDIG) is a certified service-disabled, veteran, woman-owned small business offering organizational leadership, HR consulting, program/project management, and human capital management services.

IDIG’s tailored leadership development programs include effective communication, counseling, and team building. This enables clients to build a stronger team that contributes to long-term organizational success.

In an interview with Manage HR, Darren Hargrove, director of operations, and Keneidra Hargrove, CEO, IDIG, share insights into the company’s mission and vision and how their military experience enables them to address diverse client requirements.

Establishing IDIG in Leadership Market

As U.S. military veterans, we understand the importance of leadership. Our goal is to turn individuals into leaders by transitioning them from being lead to being the leader.

While serving in uniform, we had the opportunity to work closely with people from diverse backgrounds and different walks of life. This experience helps us identify leadership gaps within an organization and offer the right training to help them work as a team.

Challenges for Today’s Leaders

The communication gap between leaders and young team members is a major challenge today. Leaders need to find the right way to effectively communicate with the employees for better engagement.

The pandemic has also driven the business world into a bout of turmoil by changing the work culture dynamics. The trend of remote working has made employees indolent. As a result, conflict resolution has become a real challenge.

We believe that a leader should be able to conduct effective communication with employees. And this can’t be achieved without a proper understanding of the individuals. We always tell leaders that not everyone will be receptive to their leadership or communication style; rather, they have to be like the Swiss knives that can adjust to any situation. Also, leaders need to quickly understand the root cause of a problem before it escalates. This is crucial to early conflict resolution.

Another area of our focus is team building. We enable leaders to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every individual employee to put them in the right place. This provides everyone with equal growth opportunities and contributes to the overall success of a team. In addition, it is essential to mentor employees continuously to help them realize the areas of improvement. We, in fact, have engaged in multiple team-building initiatives over the years.

As U.S. military veterans, we understand the importance of leadership. Our goal is to turn individuals into leaders by transitioning them from being lead to being the leader

Customer Success Stories of IDIG

We can work with all clients, including those in distant places, as we have been conducting distance learning for over 20 years. However, one of our clients was hesitant to work with us over Zoom. We assured them our classes are interactive and align with the individual needs of every client, allowing leaders to be receptive to the Zoom calls and learn different methods to improve their leadership skills. We also recently had an event with a few clients who were very appreciative of how we helped them achieve their leadership and team building goals.

The key to our success has been our ability to listen to clients and craft strategies according to their individual needs. We believe that every organization is different. So, there cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership coaching.

Differentiating Leadership Market

Our experience in the military has given us the opportunity to work with numerous people. And this is our biggest differentiator. We bring our military experience into the corporate realm, enabling businesses to build a more robust and effective people strategy. We are also flexible and resilient in leading, managing, and building a team.