William Guillory, PhD, President & CEO, Innovations InternationalWilliam Guillory, PhD, President & CEO
A vibrant learning and development culture driven by innovative leaders with quantum-thinking capabilities is crucial for organizations to succeed. A future-ready organization is always at the forefront of leveraging a transformation agenda to put “people” at the center and equip them with the superpowers of better leadership skills, high performance, and innovation.

Innovations International lays the power to “transform” in the hands of organizations.

A leading human resource consulting firm, Innovations has been exceptional in facilitating learning experiences that transform people’s lives. The firm believes that anything that is learned, as mastery of a competency, involves permanent change, both cognitively and behaviorally—a personal and an organizational transformation.

Innovations’ offerings span a range of disciplines, from diversity, high performance, and leadership to creative exploration, innovation, and quantum-thinking.

It helps organizations master the in-depth skills needed to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion, learn the competencies necessary to flexibly function in a virtual world of work, and enhance human potential with cutting-edge technologies.

“It’s obvious that these competencies are transformational in nature, since they facilitate an ‘irreversible change’ in mindset, as well as expanded behavioral competency. Learning involves a cognitive understanding and commitment to master a skill while development is the continuous behavioral execution until that skill becomes a natural behavioral pattern,” says William Guillory, Ph.D., President and CEO of Innovations International.

Organizations can also use Innovations’ services to equip employees with skills that help achieve work-life accommodation and personal well-being and function resiliently in a post-pandemic world of stress, fear, uncertainty—and most of all, opportunity.

Delivering Value through “Innovations”

Through its learning programs, assessments, and other services, delivered both in-person and online to an individual or a group of learners, Innovations creates synergism, synchronicity, and exceptional performance.

The most receptive individuals to these high-performance components are those who love to resolve the yin and yang of a situation or process and manage the changes their organization will face in the future. Obvious examples include diversity and inclusion. The resistance to a more humane state of functioning generates the “creative tension” necessary for achieving workplace compatibility.

The proposition of Innovations’ training programs is to transform a high-performance organization into a futureperfect one and instill confidence in employees to address the present and future changes. A futureperfect organization anticipates the next business paradigm and designs its structure and functioning accordingly.

“Innovations has explored the state of “unlimited human potential” to create “The FuturePerfect Organization,” says Guillory.

The company’s training programs are approximately 85 percent experiential and ensure intragroup-oriented learning with respect to a currently existing situation and a proactive alternative a group is experiencing. To create greater group connectivity and willingness for creative exploration, the company uses exercises that emphasize the power of teaming. The result is usually the absence of competition and personal positioning within the team and a focus on the virtues of the desired future state.

Guidance, Support, and Wisdom—Pillars of Innovations’ New Leadership Program.

To further help clients thrive in a chaotic, unpredictably changing business environment, Innovations has created the next-generation leadership program. It clarifies the essential framework for leadership and management—guidance, support, and wisdom—particularly during turbulent times.

Guidance reaffirms the vision, direction, and overall plan for achieving the next plateau for organizational development within the evolving paradigm of technology integration. It involves defining the model of the futureperfect organization and the three-step process for “leading from the future.” Two crucial competencies necessary to execute this process are a creative-adaptive mindset and quantum-thinking.

Support establishes the organizational framework entailing the integrated principles of empowerment, engagement, and futureperfect initiatives, and the practical implementation of these principles of operation in terms of the competencies, roles, and responsibilities of management and the workforce. Critical to achieving this mode of competency and execution is a culture of human equality and the next cultural paradigm; compatibility, which evolves from inclusion.

Wisdom ensures oversight and management of the implementation process for predictable and unpredictable situations which occur whenever a client implements a new, daring initiative. It is a way of being beyond information and knowledge. Wisdom includes both people and processes in terms of oversight. Innovations’ leadership program facilitates an in-depth understanding, empathy, and compassion for the human experience, while implementation processes entail the integration of technology and human potential, like hybrid learning. In this paradigm, people and processes are inseparable.

Learning Involves A Cognitive Understanding And Commitment To Master A Skill While Development Is The Continuous Behavioral Execution Until That Skill Becomes A Natural Behavioral Pattern

Going Above and Beyond to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

To deliver such impact-driven, highly interactive learning and value propositions, an experiential connection has to be established between the facilitator and the learner or group of learners. This is a unique skill that is learned by all certified facilitators at Innovations. The connection fosters an individual’s receptiveness to the training through trust, authentic relationship with the facilitator, and openness to transformation. The engagement must be designed with maximum experiential activity and real-time participant feedback to ensure the connection has been made. The final critical element of the training process is a commitment by participants to apply what has been learned during the engagement and reinforced by management accountability as part of an individual’s development plan (IDP).

Innovations helps learners successfully actualize the newly learned behaviors in challenging workplace situations, as it is an important step in confirming personal transformation. Through its expertly crafted learning and coaching programs, the company has enabled numerous participants to cultivate and share a naturally learning mindset to accomplish tasks in the present corporate environment.

In one instance, Innovations offered a series of facilitated virtual training programs to a team of space scientists and engineers. The focus was on flexibly adapting to alternative realities. These individuals were not only brilliant researchers but naturally receptive to “way-out-of-the-box” exploration— beyond, not invalidation of, their learned ideas about reality. They tended to thrive on very challenging extraterrestrial phenomena, which often included metaphysical explanations. They also loved to work in teams, venturing further beyond conventional thinking. Innovations successfully facilitated these experiences, both in-person and virtually.
On another occasion, Innovations delivered a similar program abroad. The course was geared toward helping individuals learn the six quantum-thinking skills; personal mastery, mastery of context, context integration, creative synthesis, intuition, and hyper-accelerated information processing.

Both of these uniquely designed events were focused on addressing a pre-existing problem that clients were attempting to resolve using conventional, self-limiting techniques.

Where Excellence Meets “Innovations”

What enables Innovations to keep track of the right ingredients to build and deliver an excellent solutions portfolio is its ability to understand real-world requirements.
  • Our Explorations And Offerings Begin And End With Our Customers’ Real-World Requirements And Our Transformational-Based Solutions, Respectively

Innovations continually asks two questions: “What are the present needs of our clients and customers and how can we fulfil them?” and “What do customers and clients want and need and are not aware of?” For example, in the aftermath of the pandemic, most people are dealing with some form of pandemic fatigue, uncertainty, challenging family situation, chronic condition, and even hopelessness.

These are conditions that don’t disappear with fewer work days or increased medications. Innovations first attends to such situations, where requested, so that employees are physically healthy, functional, and mentally stable for work. To help employees tackle these situations, the company also focuses on delivering content offerings involving mindfulness, emotional intelligence, personal development, and resiliency.

“Our explorations and offerings begin and end with our customers’ real-world requirements and our transformational-based solutions, respectively,” says Guillory.

With the quest for excellence ingrained in its DNA, Innovations is set to create a far greater impact on the corporate world in the coming years. To enable this, the company brings together two major ingredients—its ability to continually operate at the cutting edge of the future through envisioning succeeding paradigms with quantum-thinking, and consciously creating the contents of these future paradigms using new or upgraded products, services, and ways of functioning.

Quite often, our reluctance to naturally engage “inner exploration” and wisdom-based solutions result in crisis before decisive action is taken. As the saying goes, “crisis always precedes creativity.”

The key to the aforementioned processes is the inner exploration of unlimited human potential. It is the source that naturally powers human experience, giving rise to learning and development. Learning is an experiential process that results from consciously functioning at the edge of your personal consciousness. Sometimes passively in the sleep state or participating in a captivating dialogue disrupts your calm sea of mental tranquillity. Development is the acquisition of new cognitive and behavioral skills resulting from the learning process that has gradually or suddenly integrated its way into a person’s reality as a natural way of being and behaving. The source that drives learning and development is an inherent desire within each of us to improve and/or create greater adaptation and expressions of the human spirit.