So Eng Seng, Head of Business, Info TrekSo Eng Seng, Head of Business
Corporate training always seems to be a “luxury” product as many individuals are reluctant to spend their money to upskill themselves. However, when their company sponsors a training, the employees attend the training because they must meet their company KPI requirement and usually follow some training each year. These scenarios happen due to the ineffectiveness of training as training quality does not meet trainee expectations. The trainee is not able to apply what they have learned into their daily tasks.

Malaysia-based Info Trek solves this issue by fully providing tailor-made training programs and consultations to apply their skills and knowledge through these programs. The company has set itself apart from others by being a learning advisor instead of a training provider. The training provider provides training to their client according to what a client has requested. On the other hand, a learning advisor focuses on pre-training preparation that includes consultation based on what the client needs and post-training support. “We do not ‘follow by the book’. Our vision is to send the right person to the right training and the trainee is able to fully apply what he or she have learned in their job effectively. This could help improve staff’s productivity and business overall operational efficiency.” says Eng Seng, Head of Business at Info Trek.

The pre-training preparation is where Info Trek focuses on competency assessment to identify its client’s needs and proposes the proper training for them. Through post-training support, the company provides after-training coaching, consultation, and three months of e-support to its client who attended its program to compare the result before and after the training programs.

Our vision is to send the right person to the right training

Info Trek’s trainers utilize a client’s actual working environment as an example or demo during training, which helps a trainee to apply the newly learned skill & knowledge effectively at his/ her workstation.

Info Trek holds gold memberships with Microsoft for more than 20 years with over 2000 students in certification and Quint, where it has organized numbers of project consultancies and customized training for clients. Furthermore, the firm holds a gold membership with Oracle since 2012 to this day. Info Trek is an authorized partner of Malaysia, and the company is a certified training provider to carry Project Management Institute (PMI) official material and logo. “We ensure that the knowledge you have acquired will be cultivated into your skills,” adds Eng Seng. For instance, Info Trek helped one of the telco companies transform its internal operation flow into an “Agility framework.” Besides, the firm had an FMCG client where it managed to assist them in developing a data analysis dashboard. Info Trek uses this dashboard as an example in the training to check the effectiveness of the learning journey.

Since 1996, Info Trek has had one goal, to train others to be better and cultivate their desire to go beyond themselves. Info Trek is one of the leading training solution providers in Malaysia that mainly focuses on corporate employee training programs and individuals who want to grow and explore a new career opportunity. Info Trek aims to transform into a “center-less” training solution provider where all its pieces of training will be conducted in a more spacious and fun environment to enable its clients to enjoy the learning and training process. “We want to inspire people who have the knowledge and skills to be at the forefront of innovation since we believe that knowledge is the product of integrating experience with education,” concludes Eng seng.