Employees are the lifeblood of every organization. A team of talented personnel is the key for any company to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity, making it imperative for corporate leaders to hire candidates suited to their organizational objectives. Conventional one-off strategies to quickly fill a role with the next available applicant are no longer relevant. This highlights the significance of a trusted recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner that can offer customized solutions, which include not only recruitment but also employer branding, data analysis, diversity and inclusion programs, early careers initiatives, and more. Enter Hudson RPO.

From RPO to employer branding, across the complete life cycle of a company’s recruitment requirements, Hudson RPO takes pride in delivering world-class customer experiences. Since its foundation in 1999, the company has been offering customized, creative, flexible, and cost-effective recruitment outsourcing and talent solutions to corporate companies across the world. With Hudson RPO, companies can rest assured that they can discover advanced talent strategies and processes that allow them to remain focused on their core business. With clearly defined processes and deep specialization, RPO solutions offered by Hudson RPO can dramatically reduce cost-per-hire, time-to-hire, and attrition, while improving quality of hire, reporting, and scalability. “We believe the long-term fundamentals of our business are strong, and we remain committed, as always, to maximizing shareholder value over the long term,” says Jeffrey Eberwein, CEO of Hudson RPO.

Hudson RPO offers a talent menu that stretches beyond RPO. The company creates innovative solutions to suit the needs of the customers while providing strategic advice to unlock a deeper competitive advantage. Hudson RPO’s high-touch service offerings range between end-to-end RPO, project RPO, on-demand RPO, total talent solutions, managed solutions provider (MSP), sourcing services, employer branding, consulting, and technology.
Notably, the company offers InGenium—its proprietary applicant tracking and communication system. InGenium serves as a robust candidate relationship management (CRM) technology that helps organizations get their talent pipeline up and running in not more than 30 days. By coupling InGenium with Hudson RPO’s talent pooling service of candidate identification, qualification, engagement, and ongoing communication to have candidates ready for open roles, customers can be confident that they will have outstanding people in place, wherever and whenever needed. Mobile-ready and intuitive InGenium recruitment technology helps organizations fast-forward their talent acquisition and deliver a high-touch candidate experience. The technology enables swift access to a suite of powerful recruitment tools that streamlines companies’ hiring process significantly. Whether customers are looking for a comprehensive, permanent solution, or a way to bridge gaps in their existing recruitment platforms, InGenium flexes in just the right manner to serve their requirements.

Hudson RPO’s quality recruitment outsourcing program blends dedicated recruiters, technology, and best hiring practices to transform customers’ talent acquisition function. The company leverages its unique RPO solutions that align with clients’ hiring managers to carry out the recruitment process from forecasting to sourcing, assessing, placing, on-boarding, and reporting.

The success story of AstraZeneca—a global, science-led biopharmaceutical business—acts as a testament to the robust capabilities of Hudson RPO. AstraZeneca looked to transition from an expensive, decentralized agency delivery model to optimized recruitment outsourcing one. Through a competitive bid process, the client chose Hudson RPO, known for its scalability, strong cultural alignment, and track record in pharmaceutical recruitment. Hudson RPO helped AstraZeneca with a recruitment outsourcing solution for hiring employees for all roles across commercial and operations, including sales, marketing, medical, supply chain, manufacturing, medical and corporate in all AstraZeneca’s divisions. In just 32 days, Hudson RPO helped the client achieve a 95 percent direct fill rate, 98 percent hiring manager satisfaction, and 100 percent candidate satisfaction.
  • We believe the long-term fundamentals of our business are strong, and we remain committed, as always, to maximizing shareholder value over the long term

Powered by such customer success stories, Hudson RPO continues to provide strategic RPO solutions even in challenging situations like the pandemic. “I am proud of the world-class service we have continued to deliver to our clients throughout the global pandemic as workplace fundamentals changed drastically. I am very impressed by the resilience shown by our staff, and it is gratifying to know our clients are benefitting from their hard work,” notes Eberwein.