Kevin Honsberger, President, Registered Physiotherapist, Robyn Honsberger, Head of Business Development and Operations Jason Varghese, Director of Corporate Care, Certified Athletic Therapist, Registered Kinesiologist, HONSBERGER PHYSIO+Kevin Honsberger, President, Registered Physiotherapist, Robyn Honsberger, Head of Business Development and Operations Jason Varghese, Director of Corporate Care, Certified Athletic Therapist, Registered Kinesiologist
Employee wellness is essential for business and operational success. However, certain industries —construction, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automotive, waste management, healthcare, law enforcement, couriers and messengers, air transportation, and packaging and production—are more prone to workplace injuries due to the repetitive nature of their movements, heavy lifting or twisting requirements, impacts of their operational equipment and vehicles as well as sedentary positions required. Here, workplace injuries impact organizational performance, productivity and operational costs. Consequently, organizations spend considerable funds to maintain a safe workplace by providing pre-employment screening, continuous high-risk employee, or job function health monitoring, education, equipment, and access to on-site medical facilities. Incorporating a safe work environment allows workers to perform physical tasks safely while enhancing productivity and employee morale.

The economic impacts of workplace injury on a business can be staggering if not properly addressed from the get-go. In Ontario, Canada on an individual basis if a musculoskeletal injury is treated in under 5 days it costs the company on average $8,000, if the injury is left untreated for longer than 5 days, it costs over $10,000 per incident bare minimum. The province of Ontario registered over 80,000 claims in 2022 for sprains and strains, extrapolate these numbers across a medium to large size organization and you can see the gravity of the financial impact of these injuries. This is why on-site access to rehab and healthcare services is essential.

A top-rated physical therapy and rehabilitation specialist, Honsberger Physio+, takes a proactive approach to employee wellness, care consulting, and workplace wellness solution implementation by supplying preventative healthcare, wellness, and diagnostics services to pharmaceutical, manufacturing, healthcare, engineering, and waste management industries. It helps clients prevent injuries, increase productivity, and improve overall safety and well-being. Honsberger Physio+ incorporates industry-leading diagnostic tools and wellness products to reduce employee turnover, workplace injury rates, and short or long-term disability claims.

From its early days in the physiotherapy space, Honsberger Physio+ understood the gap between the need for corporate wellness and inefficient therapeutic services.

Realizing the delay employees face in getting treatment for their injuries, Honsberger Physio+ ensures immediate injury treatment for quick recovery at a lower cost. It coined the concept of the ‘industrial athlete,’ where each worker is treated like an athlete. The concept syncs employee health with state-of-the-art on and off-site treatment options to ensure better performance and business outcomes. Accordingly, it provides rehabilitation and therapeutic services paired with wellness tools for an injured employee’s fast recovery.

Once engaged, Honsberger Physio+ tracks a patient’s medical history and likes to “categorize” injury risk to navigate the reasons for predominant injuries in a company. It communicates with its health and safety committees and human resource professionals to promote an ergonomic review to detect the causes of injury, further helping navigate the funds to a productive avenue. Honsberger Physio+ alleviates Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) payouts by intervening early to provide on-site treatment and consultation for new injuries, retraining employees, and providing work hardening to protect company resources.

“We ensure on-site therapy for any kind of non-traumatic physical injury and provide early access to cut down the treatment sessions required, further saving the cost,” says Kevin Honsberger, president of Honsberger Physio+.

Honsberger Physio+ ensures injury prevention, enhancing productivity and the wellness culture. It provides a multi-faceted overview and in-depth information on all clients before implementing a solution, which ranges from ergonomic assessments and functional ability evaluation to independent medical evaluations. Honsberger Physio+ provides customized solutions based on these assessments. It possesses a robust referral network of allied and regulated health practitioners, including Registered Physiotherapists, Certified athletic therapists, osteopathic manual practitioners, registered massage therapists (RMTs), strength and conditioning coaches, and consultants. The on-site registered health practitioners offer early access with immediate treatment to corporate injuries, reducing the number of treatments and increasing cost savings.

Honsberger Physio+ also conducts pre-employment screening and regular diagnostic testing for different high-risk employee groups. This functional ability evaluation enables it to understand a client’s physical capabilities regardless of age, sex, or position to mitigate the risk factor and enhance their productivity. Honsberger also assesses various job responsibilities and monitors the employees from an ergonomic perspective. It provides education and workshop opportunities for HR managers, occupational health professionals, and safety managers, and conducts numerous consulting projects with its clients. Further, it leverages wellness programs in the workplace for cultural enhancement.

Most businesses are driven by data points that influence decisions and measure key performance indicators to track and measure progress. This hasn’t always been possible in healthcare; things have been quite subjective in the past. Honsberger Physio+ has invested significantly in a wide variety of externally validated healthcare and sports performance diagnostic technology to validate restrictions, prove their treatments are working in real-time and track performance outcomes over time. ‘Why guess, when you can test’ is their philosophy.

“Our wearable technology detects when an employee is susceptible to injury and helps prevent injuries beforehand,” says Honsberger Physio+.

It deploys wearable sensors that use the latest telematic technology on employees to analyze their body position and movement. These wearable diagnostic sensors detect predictive outcomes for injuries by determining any issue with the employee’s health. These wearable devices provide objective data based on the database that analyzes an individual’s productivity level. They can predict health issues and prevent injury, reducing costs and improving productivity.
  • We ensure on-site therapy and corporate wellness solutions for any kind of injury and provide early access to cut down the treatment sessions required, further saving the cost

Honsberger has helped thousands of clients over the years with its wide range of services and solutions. Recently, a company sought it out for help with employee complaints about their safety shoes. The client had been providing safety shoes to new employees for many years but was experiencing difficulties with their equipment. Honsberger Physio+ offered a solution based on proactive screening to check the need for orthotic foot supports based on individual postural anatomy. Due to its extensive experience with various screening projects, it identified people who needed orthotic support devices in their safety shoes. It eliminated the concern for their clients and employees, addressed health concerns and prevented them from generating a new list of safety shoes, saving them thousands of dollars in health claims for orthotics.

Honsberger Physio+’s injury management solutions differentiate it in the market space. Its innovative approach to injury prevention and recovery, the latest technology, and a multi-faceted team deliver positive health outcomes for patients. Over the years, it has helped cure concussions, headaches, migraines, back, neck, pelvis, foot, and knee pain, and breathing and posture issues with a holistic approach. It is a data-driven company using cutting-edge diagnostic technology to validate biomechanics in real time. In addition, Honsberger Physio+ conducts neurocognitive tests to assess attention and cognitive abilities using diagnostic tools to provide a competitive edge to its clients.

So, if your organization is focused on employee health outcomes, or dealing with significant strain and sprain injuries the experienced team at Honsberger Physio+ can help to improve productivity while enhancing wellness culture and ultimately save your company money. By booking a free discovery call with their team you can equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to see if this is the right fit for your organization and help to ‘Build A Better Workplace’.