Brett Robertson, Founder & CEO, Health Med. WellnessBrett Robertson, Founder & CEO
Evidence suggests that employee health and wellness are among the most critical factors for organisational success and performance and highlights the urgent need for HR and business leaders to invest in the future of wellness in the workforce.

There’s now a much broader understanding and application of holistic health and wellbeing approaches in many workplaces. However, it’s also clear that there’s an implementation gap, with many organisations still needing to fully embrace what the wellness agenda and wisdom economy can do to strengthen their businesses.

Many organisations’ simplistic wellbeing programs need to catch up with technology adoption. Health Med is reframing how wellness and performance programs are seamlessly implemented, delivered, and integrated, offering a fresh look at the interplay between wellness and talent development. Health Med provides its solution as both a standalone option and as a complement to existing wellbeing programs.

Employee wellness has become an essential internal strategic focus for employees to empower themselves and harness their full potential, health, and performance.

When every individual prioritises their wellbeing, it leads to a positive invigoration of the entire organisation and brings far-reaching growth and enrichment for an organisation’s engagement and productivity.

For HR teams, it is no longer a matter of “if” they adopt wellness programs within their organisations, but rather “when” – if they haven't done so already. Health Med ensures employers have the holistic framework to support their multi-generational workforce, with multiple communication channels and touchpoints that improve employee motivation, engagement, and satisfaction.

To create a healthy workplace, an employer must ensure its culture, leadership, and people management are the cornerstone to building a fully integrated wellness and performance plan. Health Med empowers both leadership and employees to create meaningful change for themselves through personal and professional e-courses that are expert-backed and highly engaging. Individuals and organisations can now harness the true potential of holistic health and performance—at the same time, giving organisations key metrics to monitor the impact of their workplace wellness programs effectively.

Health Med is a culmination of years of experience by global experts worldwide. Founder and CEO Brett Robertson says, “I've been in healthcare for 20 years, spent nine years travelling the world learning from traditional and indigenous masters to conventional medicine and quantum approaches. Having been part of a corporate wellness team for 15 years and using all my experience collectively, I saw an opportunity to create a platform for organisations to lead on workplace wellbeing; for clinicians, professors and industry experts to create meaningful impact beyond their treatment rooms; and for employees at all levels of a business to create meaningful change that lasts.”

Health Med’s e-courses are unique because they are all created and vetted by researchers, clinicians, and entrepreneurs, authentically infused with experience and offering practical results-driven tools.

Health Med has identified and distilled the interrelated dimensions of employee wellness and performance, guided by scientific psychological principles in combination with fundamental philosophical approaches and curated researchers and industry experts to deliver world-class courses and opportunities for people to reach their full potential. These courses form the signature wellness framework Health Med created, including wellness, leadership, personal development, professional development, and personnel mastery. The implement-friendly framework is thoughtfully designed to decode the ‘whole’ human approach toward health and lead learners to tap their full potential.

The wisdom economy movement can be seen in the growing interest in topics such as conscious capitalism, emotional intelligence for business, the neuroscience of mindfulness, the psychology of happiness, the science of connection, the economics of abundance, and other emerging fields of study available through Health Med’s course catalogue.
  • All of Health Med’s e-courses are created and vetted by a team of researchers, clinicians, and entrepreneurs, which makes them highly authentic and results-driven. Having been part of a corporate wellness team for 15 years, and using all my experience collectively, I saw an opportunity to create something different for corporate seeking to either start, expand or revamp their internal wellness programs

Health Med’s clients love the fact that the growing list of courses is managed, the implementation framework ensures the highest engagement, there is a flexible learning approach for individuals to access anywhere at any time with carefully designed guided learning pathways, and the instructional designed courses utilise various interactive tools, videos, and gamification to offer an immersive and more engaging learning experience to reinforce new skills.

The courses also come with quick exercises even the busiest professionals can incorporate into their workload, with the latest brain reset tools and micro-features helping learners jump back to an active and productive state and making their cognitive abilities shine.

A case in point is how Health Med helped an educational institution looking to improve the health and wellness of its staff and students. Health Med’s wellness and performance program ensured the faculty moved from a general state of stress and overwhelmed to a place of increased performance. It also created learning opportunities for students that enhanced vital business fundamentals to help them thrive beyond the classroom. Health Med’s continuous guidance and monitoring made learners feel energised, focused, and confident in their work.

In a time where health and wellness are crucial aspects of one’s overall performance, Health Med is leading the way to ensure a healthy personal and professional life for all its learners.

A wellness program is no longer a fad or a ‘nice to have.’ In these uncertain times, wellness can offer a vision for the future and provide a roadmap for meaningful change, boosting engagement and growth.

The dynamics of employee wellness within the work environment are of utmost importance when considering the different domains that affect the quality of life at home and work. “We understand that implementing a wellness program for the first time can seem overwhelming, but it shouldn't be,” explains Brett. Businesses that show they care and find ways to help their employees through these difficult times will be the ones that come out on top. Health Med is ready to deliver your workplace wellness and performance; reach out to get started now.