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By and large, the magnitude of COVID-19’s impact so far has been dizzying. The overall changes brought about by this pandemic have been so rapid that some of them seemed unthinkable even just a few months ago. In fact, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that it has turned everybody’s life upside down!

That being said, even though everyone hopes for the world to soon return to a semblance of the past, it will be no longer be the same. For example, once employees start returning to offices, their health concerns will definitely shift the paradigm of traditional workspaces. How will this ‘World 2.0’ look like in terms of workspaces and corporate facilities?

A Technologically-Driven Approach to Workplace Hygiene

For construction industry veteran Matthew (Matt) Nolty, the answer to this question leads to a whole new office experience. In his reimagined corporate facilities, employees would notice IR sensor-enabled kiosks in the lobby and other key areas that measure the body temperature before they enter. The booths could also be used to disperse fresh masks and discard the old ones. “Office spaces that are regularly sanitized, clean and comfortable for space occupants also include a retrofit package for smart technology that, at a minimum, monitors employee movement through touch-free office entrances and ensures social distancing. This is what our clients are asking for and what our firm is delivering”. Even the floor plan and office desks can be revamped with more dividers and spacing and new additions like sneeze-guards. Common areas like meeting rooms and kitchens would display posted information that informs all when the last cleaning occurred. Other changes would be around periodic cleaning policies, the use of antimicrobial fabrics and materials, amped-up ventilation systems, and the use of UV lights for an added level of disinfection.

While Matt’s vision indeed gives a unique view of ‘World 2.0,’ he highlights that it is not enough to just contemplate how things might turn out in the near future. It is also equally important to align every operational activity right now to make this vision a reality, and that journey should start today.

This includes mundane tasks like cleaning and sanitizing the workplace, even though employees are working from home so that when they resume going to the office, they can still feel safe. And, pivoting its construction business model around this understanding, Matt’s company Greenway USA—a multi-faceted construction and facility management firm—now offers additional services around next-level smart building technology, including AI and IoT, along with routine disinfection and sanitization for office spaces and facilities. Greenway is taking a proactive role in helping businesses prepare their workplace for the post-COVID-19 world. “At the root of these services is our earnest aspiration to make employees feel safe when they get back to their workstations,” says Matt, founder and CEO of Greenway USA.

The Journey in a Rear-View Mirror

Greenway has been a preferred construction technology partner for companies in the healthcare, retail, higher education, and other sectors since its inception in 2009. Matt started his construction and facility management company as an amalgamation of his military leadership lessons and later experiences in the NYC construction industry with cutting-edge technologies. Today, Greenway is one of the leading firms driving change and project efficiencies across the construction industry.

One of the key reasons behind the company’s success is its team’s experience that exceeds hundreds of years in the industry and a proven history of managing construction projects right from conception through completion. Greenway USA brings small firm values to every client along with ‘big’ firm experience. Additionally, the small and agile team at Greenway USA is known to offer personalized support for each construction project. Greenway’s hands-on approach enables clients to get a clearer understanding of the project scope and mitigate issues and development in a timely manner. Now taking a similar approach to disinfecting and sanitizing, Greenway is offering technology-driven facility management services that would entail deep cleaning services.

Greenway USA is bringing to the fore the safest and most natural method of disinfecting any surface at workspaces through its facility management side of the business. The company is providing a two-step disinfection process for its clients to help combat the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria that can be easily transmitted. To this end, Greenway has formed a strategic partnership with Germinator Mobile Sanitizing and Disinfecting—a sanitizing company that is redefining the concept of healthy living space—to strengthen Greenway’s capabilities further. Greenway uses Germinator’s Shield and Genesis Professional Cleanser for its office sanitization services.

A Novel Class of Sanitization Products

At the core of Genesis Professional Cleanser is hypochlorous acid (HOCl). It is a naturally- occurring powerful oxidant produced by white blood cells that contain strong disinfecting properties to obliterate virtually any form of virus or bacteria within minutes of the application while being harmless to humans and pets.
  • The key reasons behind the company’s success are its team’s experience exceeding hundreds of years in the industry and a proven history of managing construction projects from conception through completion.

Using this HOCl-infused cleanser, offices can destroy odor-causing bacteria and help control the growth of mold. The cleanser breaks down HOCl to a micron-level using atomizing technology. This assures accurate coverage and the most effective natural disinfecting process.

Another product, “The Shield,” as the name echoes, is a microbial coating that helps protect surfaces for up to 90 days post-application, making them virtually uninhabitable for germs and viruses. The Shield’s greatest asset is its ability to continue protecting surfaces long after the initial application. It also helps protect against mold and mildew. Utilizing a powerful electrostatic sprayer that assures precise coverage, Greenway’s team applies Shield to affected areas, helping control viruses and bacteria. The Shield then forms covalent bonds with the molecules of the application surface, creating a bio-barrier that is safe for humans but unsuitable for microorganisms. It further adds a hydrophobic layer on hard surfaces so that it can be cleaned quickly and with less effort. After 90 days, the bio-barrier can be reapplied to the same surface. “Shield is head and shoulders above other bacterial protection measurements available out there in the market now,” shares Matt.