Pavel Lifanov, Vice-President, Green Light CanadaPavel Lifanov, Vice-President
With over 15 years of expertise in the immigration space, Green Light Canada has been able to represent its clients on thousands of cases successfully. This includes permanent residency, work permits, visitor visas, refugee cases, and humanitarian and compassionate cases.

Green Light Canada takes on cases of clients that have been previously rejected due to one reason or the other. The firm is currently a team of over 50 employees, including case managers and recruitment specialists for the different types of immigration programs.

Following is the conversation that Manage HR had with Geno Lizgold, Senior Director of ClientServices at Green Light Canada.

What are the challenges existing today in the Canadian Immigration space, and how is Green Light Canada effectively addressing these issues?

The issues we are facing right now in the Canadian Immigration Space are long processing times and delays and the licensing requirements for some trades and occupations. IRCC is now facing longer than usual processing times, which are affecting applicants. We have applicants who have applied before the pandemic but still haven’t gotten an answer. The system needs to be upgraded to be able to meet demands.

It has also been difficult to get electricians, doctors, lawyers, and nurses because of the licensing requirements required by IRCC. We are trying to address these issues by offering clients immigration programs that will most likely take less than a year; even with that, there is no guarantee of a particular timeline once the application has been submitted.

Please walk us through the Canadian Immigration Services that you offer on the basis of its methodology, features, and benefits involved.

We dabble in the different types of immigration services— economic immigration, which includes express entry, provincial nominee programs, business immigration, work visas, and also family class immigration which includes spousal sponsorship, parent sponsorship, and dependent child sponsorship. Many people are not too sure where to start with regard to Canadian immigration, so we have a free assessment tool on our website in which clients are asked to fill in details about their education, occupation, and family background. This gives our specialists a better insight into choosing the best immigration options for each individual.

Our licensed immigration lawyers, booked via consultation, talk in-depth with the applicants about the options that best suit their needs based on convenience, processing time, and higher chances of approval.

Please cite a case study on how you have enabled clients to overcome hurdles and attain desired outcomes.

Many applicants perceive age as the key factor for refusal. However, we always try to tell them that there are other factors affecting the chance of approval apart from age.
  • Our licensed immigration lawyers, booked via consultation, talk in-depth with the applicants about the options that best suit their needs, based on convenience, processing time, and higher chances of approval

For example, we had an 83 years old client from Ukraine whose daughter and granddaughters are Canadian citizens. She was rejected thrice before finding our company. After carefully reviewing and outlining the reasons for the refusals, we were able to back up the new application with strong supporting documents. Although there was a strict lockdown and borders were closed, we were able to successfully get her into Canada.

Another interesting case is about the father of four kids from Kazakhstan who didn’t have any experience as a skilled worker, his level of English was at a beginner level, and he had no post-secondary education. We knew that he wouldn’t be able to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry. However, he was working as a construction helper in his home country, so we took into account his work experience to help him migrate to Canada on a work permit for low-skilled jobs, as there are minimum requirements for education and language abilities. He came to Canada to commence his job as a roofer helper and was able to apply for permanent residency via one of Ontario’s Provincial Nominee Programs after working for just nine months. He is currently awaiting a decision on his PR.

What, according to you, are the distinct features of Green Light Canada /differentiating factors that give it a competitive edge?

What gives Green Light Canada a competitive edge is a fact that we are also an employment and recruitment agency. We work in conjunction with over 100 Canadian employers, in which we help foreign workers get job offers before helping them apply for work permits. What most immigration firms will tell clients is to get the jobs on their own because of how incredibly hard it is for Canadian companies to agree and apply for LMIA, before they can assist clients in applying for their work permits.

We can definitely relate to the immigration struggles of our clients because our company was founded by immigrants. We strive to do our very best to make sure that the process for the clients is seamless and stress-free. We also have employees from different parts of the world - Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, China, India, and many more; this gives us the advantage of being able to communicate with our clients in their home language if they prefer it that way.