Edward Rodriguez, Founder, Global ImmigrationEdward Rodriguez, Founder
Demand for global talent has spiked, exacerbated by the pandemic. But when companies find the perfect fit in a foreign candidate, they often face lengthy immigration processes, making it difficult to complete the hire. Many businesses miss the opportunity to recruit skilled talent when they receive nonexpert advice and are not provided with all the options under U.S. immigration law.

Global Immigration-The Law Firm of Edward Rodriguez, P.C. steps in with solutions to this dilemma. It offers the legal expertise, scale, and flexibility needed to ensure the highest caliber of legal representation for immigrants worldwide.

“As an exclusive immigration law firm, we have a commanding understanding of the immigration and nationality laws and represent clients in all aspects of employment- and family-based immigration,” says Edward Rodriguez, founder, Global Immigration.

Global Immigration provides exclusive in-person and online consultations with its clients around the world. It represents individuals and companies with immigration cases from a wide variety of fields, ranging from automation engineering, robotics and manufacturing to cattle and pecan trading.

Its team invests time in understanding client needs and evaluating cases to consider their options and determine alternatives to traditional filings. Many clients spend years caught up in immigration law complexities, working to bring their potential employees, parents, or spouse to the United States. Global Immigration leverages all the possibilities under U.S. immigration law to help them achieve their goals.

Transparency is valued, and the firm strives to provide it in all of its services. Its team explains the complex immigration process to its clients, their family members, and business executives in an easy-to-understand manner, which helps them make an informed decision about their options.

The firm also heavily relies on and invests in immigration software to provide clients with all the necessary information. It helps reduce delays and expenses, extract status updates from USCIS, and automatically post updates on client accounts.

The process of immigration is mostly never about understanding immigration law and regulations; it is about understanding the exceptions to and loopholes in the law to achieve approvals.
  • As an exclusive immigration law firm, we have a commanding understanding of the immigration and nationality laws and represent clients in all aspects of employment and family-based immigration.

During the height of the pandemic, a group of foreign workers approached Global Immigration for help with their case, after the U.S. consulate canceled their visa interviews. Their employer had petitioned them to renew their visas to maintain legal status, which was made nearly impossible by the pandemic. After countless hours of research, Global Immigration’s team discovered public comments in the section of the congressional history on how a specific bill became law. It used this as an exception to turn denials or extensions of status into approvals, allowing the foreign workers to continue working in the U.S. without violating the terms of their visas.

It is never about nibbling around the edges of cases or the bottom line for Global Immigration. Its team always goes the extra mile to understand client needs at both professional and personal levels. They leverage their in-depth understanding of the nuances of the immigration industry to be a trusted source that ensures client victory within the bounds of the law.