Jamie Jacobs, Co-founder and Hema Crockett, Co-founder, GigTalentJamie Jacobs, Co-founder and Hema Crockett, Co-founder
The past couple of years have seen significant changes in organizational priorities, but the need for highly skilled talent to strategically execute business goals remains unabated. In light of this demand for talent, combined with recent changes in workforce equations and the flexibility, choice, and opportunity provided by the gig economy, organizations are now looking beyond the full-time employee model and utilizing independent consultants to meet their business requirements efficiently. Addressing this growing need in the marketplace is Gig Talent, a modern talent collective that helps organizations leverage highly skilled HR consultants and leadership coaches for their interim and project-based initiatives. The company is founded on the philosophy of enabling consultants and coaches to “love what they do and do what they love.”

In a conversation with ManageHR magazine, Hema Crockett and Jamie Jacobs, the Co-founders of Gig Talent, explain how they help companies navigate the complexities of finding the right talent by leveraging their Gig Talent Collective.

Can you tell us the story behind GigTalent?

Hema: We joined forces to establish Gig Talent by leveraging our decades of experience and expertise as business and HR executives. Our aim was simple—to deliver comprehensive HR and coaching solutions to organizations seeking to use the on-demand talent economy for augmenting their internal teams’ capabilities. We understand our clients’ internal culture and identify opportunities to enhance their performance by introducing highly matched candidates and managing administrative and compliance-related requirements. Today, our company specializes in offering services around human resource development, coaching, strategy, and operational talent that draw from the potential of the gig economy.

Backed by a vibrant community of high-caliber HR consultants and coaches, Gig Talent has created the first HR Consulting Certification Program to set the standard for HR consultants. As a GigTalent Certified Consultant, individuals can have the flexibility and freedom to work on the projects they want and where their skills are valued.

What are the persistent challenges that your clients face today?

Hema: A critical issue plaguing all industry verticals is finding the right talent when they need it. As a result, organizations find it challenging to determine whether they have to hire full-time employees or partner with interim consultants to build their teams. They are concerned about how much overhead and riskthey can take on by having a full-time employee structure instead of partnering with individuals on a task/project basis. It is also extremely challenging for companies to navigate the complexities of their employees’ ‘hire-to-retire’ journey. At Gig Talent, we play a vital role in resolving these challenges by placing high-caliber, vetted consultants within our clients’ workforce. As industry experts with extensive experience, we guide customers in evolving their Employee Value Proposition to streamlining operations with the goal of enhancing internal teams’ functional excellence.

Companies can also lack time and/or expertise in adapting to the modern-day business dynamics that require restructuring their organizational frameworks. This often puts their HR teams in a tough spot. Turning the tables, we serve as a trustworthy partner for clients to help them with the best quality talent for facilitating such transitions while maintaining low overhead.

Can you elaborate on Gig Talent’s unique approach?

Jamie: As more talented and successful individuals opt to work in the gig economy, we have successfully aligned ourselves with the changing tides and partnered with this ever-growing workforce. We ensure that all our consultants are vetted and have a thorough background check along with extensive compliance training. Being a GigTalent Certified consultant is the gold standard for HR consultants and coaches. This unique certification assures clients that they can leverage the expertise of qualified consultants to meet their business needs.

Even though several clients initially come to us with a single need, we gradually become a one-stop-shop for all their HR and coaching requirements. They can approach us for any requirement ranging from an executive coach, an interim HR leader, an HR business partner, or a learning and development expert, and anything in between. We have the capability and the expertise to play all these roles and partner with them across the board. Our consultants’ diverse knowledge, backgrounds, perspectives, and experience enable them to easily become an extension of clients’ teams and help reduce complexity and co-employment risks.

Hema: Another major differentiator for us is our high-caliber, vetted consultants who come with no less than 12 years of experience and are well-versed in their craft. They are all business owners and entrepreneurs who view culture, talent, and leadership from both business and employee lenses.

Could you cite a customer success story?

Jamie: We have partnered with several companies to offer high-end HR consulting solutions. In one such instance, we collaborated with a global technology company in the Bay Area with about 3,000 employees. The client’s business was facing significant change and the existing internal HR team wasn’t prepared to meet their organizational needs. They proactively identified the need to transform their HR department to be able to lead the organization through the upcoming changes, and they needed highly experienced resources to do so. Our certified consultants delivered immediate impact and brought in a fresh perspective to help change the status quo, rethink their processes, and innovate. The consultants’ recommendations were extremely helpful in improving their operations, reorganizing their HR team, defining what skills were needed for their HR department, and building out the team. We helped them transform from an HR team of generalists to a strong team of HR business partners that positively impacted their business at a strategic level.
  • We understand our clients’ internal culture and use our experience to help identify opportunities to enhance their performance by introducing the right consultants to help organizations succeed

How have you differentiated yourself in the industry

Hema: Talent and culture have always been at the forefront of everything an organization does. As such, HR consultants who can look at new and innovative ways of attracting talent and rewarding the current workforce have been in high demand. Talent is also a natural progression in our business model. We have consultants located nationally and even internationally, allowing organizations to tap into the best talent for their job. With every client engagement, we can pick out the best fit from our team and enable clients to choose a few consultants they feel would serve their purpose well.

Jamie: Clients are gradually focusing more on leadership development as organizations continue to revert to a hybrid work model. There has been a surge in demand for leadership development programs and building manager competencies such as giving and receiving feedback, courageous conversations, managing mental health, and driving digital transformation within companies. Many companies are supporting their leaders with individualized coaching to improve leadership effectiveness. We support clients to fulfill these needs and act as a marketing arm for our consultants and coaches and create a sense of community within our collective. Our team is excited about partnering with clients to build a strategy to drive their organizational culture.