Ronnie Tan, President, Franklin Covey, Singapore, Hong Kong & Taiwan, Catherine Nelson, General Manager, Franklin Covey, Australia and New Zealand, FranklinCoveyRonnie Tan, President, Franklin Covey, Singapore, Hong Kong & Taiwan, Catherine Nelson, General Manager, Franklin Covey, Australia and New Zealand
Every world-class organization seeks superior organizational performance. And in today’s fleet-footed business world, organizational performance depends more on building a distinctive, high-trust culture within the organization. But what exactly are the core driving forces for creating such a constructive organizational culture that leads to a high-performing workforce? According to FranklinCovey, the answer lies in superb strategy execution, empathetic leadership, and lasting behavioral change.

Touted as the world’s most trusted leadership development and performance improvement provider, FranklinCovey offers paradigm-shifting learning experiences to build exceptional leaders and teams through company-wide behavioral change. “Following a deeply principle-based and people-centric approach to organizational development, we are helping companies achieve exceptional productivity through leadership development, individual effectiveness, unified strategy execution, and consistent behavioral change,” says Catherine Nelson, General Manager of FranklinCovey, Australia and New Zealand. Having served almost 90-percent of all Fortune 100 companies, FranklinCovey uniquely integrates people, content, and technology to deliver transformative learning programs that empower leaders and employees everywhere to ensure organizational effectiveness.

Based on decades of research and client success, FranklinCovey’s powerful content, developed by world-class thought leaders, assists their clients in learning more effective ways of working, leading, and collaborating. “Our content is not only best-in-class in terms of design, but also in the way it is relevant to the challenges in today’s marketplace and the preferences of an emerging, modern workforce,” states Ronnie Tan, President of FranklinCovey, Singapore, Hong Kong & Taiwan.

Supported by a wide range of modalities, the employees of an organization can consume Franklin Covey’s content according to their unique needs and preferences—from self-paced, on demand, bite-sized learning, assessments, huddles to in-person or live-online work sessions by certified client facilitators or a team of expert consultants, facilitators, and coaches who design and deliver learning solutions tailored to a client’s most important objectives. And together with first-rate content and highly-experienced consultants, FranklinCovey also offers a dynamic and easy-to-use behavior change platform built upon cutting-edge technologies that assist anorganization in tracking its progress and sustaining employee engagement, to safeguard lasting behavioral change.

Apart from their personalized approach to client engagement, Franklin Covey’s premium learning solutions set them apart from their peers. Their solutions are derived from a deep understanding of client needs and new content is added to their library based on a foundation of unshakable principles and proven practices, consultative partnering with clients as well as the expertise and market knowledge of a team of highly qualified solution architects and instructional designers.

What further articulates the excellence of FranklinCovey’s services is a success story about the company’s recent partnering with a large telecommunications company in New Zealand. Generally when companies are not seeing the sales numbers they want, they believe their sales people do not know enough of their products and services and how to sell them. However Franklin Covey and the client were focused on helping the sales people develop better listening skills instead. When sales people listen and understand what their client is really trying to achieve, they bring them solutions that exactly meet their needs. Listening to their customers allows for more relevant advocacy and increased the customers’ belief that the solution will work. Initial implementation has shown a 25 percent increase in their client’s average sales size with room to improve further. This engagement (and many others) illustrates how Franklin Covey helps their client improve sales results by changing the sales team’s behaviors and change the course of their business.
  • We are helping companies achieve exceptional results through leadership development, individual effectiveness, unified strategy execution, and consistent behavioral change

Finally, while FranklinCovey, as an organization, believes in bringing tangible business results for companies through their world-class training, consulting and coaching, they also take pride in the way clients instill those timeless principles into their personal lives. It is most rewarding for a company to realize how its vision is enabling thousands of people worldwide to become not just better leaders and employees but better human beings, too.

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