Beck Chalmers, Founder and Managing Director, flowprofiler®Beck Chalmers, Founder and Managing Director
Ask a recruiter what their biggest hiring hurdle is, and a few common challenges will surface. At the top of the list will be: attracting, developing, and retaining talent. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, the hiring woes have exacerbated and it has been a struggle to find the right talent. Why? Increased employee demand for shorter working hours, more flexibility at work, and a widespread feeling of burnout. Simplifying recruiters’ task of attracting and retaining the right talent in this backdrop with a tech driven approach and unique assessment tests is flowprofiler®.

flowprofiler® helps clients assess prospective employees based on behavioral patterns and identify compelling employee value propositions. “We empower clients to attract and retain talent through effective employee value propositions and onboarding processes with a focus on human behavioral patterns,” says Beck Chalmers, founder and managing director of flowprofiler®. The company even offers trainer certifications to clients who prefer that autonomy or in-house sustainability in their recruitment processes.

Every client engagement of flowprofiler® is driven by its top-notch psychometric assessments. The flowprofiler® test is an online psychometric screening that measures character traits like resilience, motivation, as well as emotional and social intelligence in the workplace. The result is easy-to understand reports that workplace coaches, managers, and recruiters can adopt as part of any professional development plan or recruitment campaign.

flowprofiler®, however, doesn’t stop there. It offers a plethora of more advanced screening options, which can unlock granular behavioral patterns of an individual. One of them, eqflow®, is an online normative psychometric assessment that measures an individual’s emotional and social intelligence in the workplace across five dimensions regard for others, self-confidence, emotional awareness, emotional regulation, and social awareness.
With eqflow®, talent acquisition professionals can better understand employees’ emotional intelligence at work. Similarly, resilienceflow® is a psychometric assessment of resilience quotient (RQ) a measure of an employee’s resilience to stress. The test’s resilienceflow® indicator gives HR personnel a snapshot of personnel character traits like assertiveness, optimism, adaptability, unbiasedness, perseverance, and self-esteem.

Clubbed together with these assessments is motivationflow®, a tool that assists talent acquisition professionals in ensuring motivation and engagement in the workplace.

Recruiters can use reports to augment their decision-making skills during hiring processes

The company unlocks even more benefits for its clients through granular reporting provisions for all these tests. These include interviews, management, development, and team reports, which recruiters can use in multiple ways. To begin with, they can use the report to augment their decision-making skills during hiring processes and even when interacting with employees. Recruiters can also use these reports to assess self-awareness and the ability of the candidate to adapt to the role based on evolving requirements. Even employees can access and use the psychometric reports as an avenue for self-development.
  • We empower clients to attract and retain talent through effective employee value propositions and onboarding processes with a focus on human behavioral patterns

flowprofiler® also helps clients develop impactful employee retention strategies through the creation of a healthy work culture. The company achieves this by bringing down departmental silos and establishing a common language within client organizations, encouraging adaptive behaviors. Recently, flowprofiler® helped Sydney-based The Langham Hotel’s leadership team improve their relationships with employees and prospective customers. The company equipped Langham’s management team with flowprofiler®, eqflow®, motivationflow®, and resilienceflow®, coupling that with individual feedback sessions and development reports. Looking back at this engagement, Shane Jolly, GM of Langham, recalls, “While the individual report was a very accurate reflection of my management style, collating and reviewing this with our senior management team proved incredibly useful. We got a much better understanding of how we can leverage each other’s strengths.”

Moving ahead, flowprofiler® plans to further expand its reporting capabilities and help businesses gain deeper insights into employee personas. flowprofiler® is poised to play a critical role amid the ongoing “great resignation/migration” and help clients hire and retain the right talent.