MarkoKönönen, Senior Partner, Finding Heads InternationalMarkoKönönen, Senior Partner
F inding Heads is a renowned executive search company making waves across the globe in finding the best-fit candidates. The company has recently rebranded itself from Hunting Heads to Finding Heads, as it believes that the new name more accurately reflects its approach to discovering the ideal candidates, rather than the notion of hunting them.

Clients rely on Finding Heads to quickly and effectively recruit for their large industrial companies or regional businesses. In addition, it actively searches for suitable management personnel to help customers fill their vacancies with top-rate candidates in a few days.

Finding Heads is not a typical HR or management consulting firm. It boasts a team of highly skilled headhunters, many of whom have previously held executive positions in top international companies and groups. Their extensive experience in working with numerous companies at the highest level equips them with a deep understanding of client’s requirements, enabling them to engage with candidates on an equal footing. Along with its sea of practical experience, the team uses its vast network and database containing more than 15,000 contact data records of managing directors, project managers, top managers, and supervisory board members of large industrial group structures. This unique expertise sets Finding Heads apart as a premier executive search firm.

“We believe success lies in finding the right match between the companies and the candidates. As a result, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical and moral standards and take full accountability for our actions,” states Marko Könönen, senior partner at Finding Heads.

Every client collaboration begins with Finding Heads discussing the vacancies to be filled with special professional or management skills. In the next step, it follows a discreet, systematic approach to analyse candidate qualifications and market experience and compare them with a company’s requirements. Candidates go through a qualification process that involves a detailed interview with one or many partners and an extensive check of the candidate’s references. If it matches, Finding Heads refers the candidate to customers in a few days. If the candidates fail to meet client expectations, the team informs the applicant and instantly proposes other candidates.

The team at Finding Heads understands and resolves real-world challenges when it comes to recruiting candidates. Unlike traditional headhunters, who often rely on the uncertain and time-consuming process of placing advertisements on various online platforms, Finding Heads recognises that expanding its network is the key. An extensive network and database give it the ability to contact the ideal candidate directly, ensuring clients can quickly and efficiently integrate the right candidate into their management team.

We believe success lies in finding the right match between the companies and the candidates. As a result, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical and moral standards and take full accountability for our actions

For instance, a company was struggling to find a sales director for Northern Europe for over six months using traditional advertising methods. The prolonged vacancy was causing the company to lose money. However, Finding Heads was able to produce four suitable candidates in just two and a half weeks through its proactive candidate sourcing approach. This example clearly highlights the benefits of Finding Heads’ proactive stance to candidate searching rather than solely relying on advertising methods, which may not always yield the desired results.

Finding Heads not only examines a candidate’s expertise but also checks a company’s culture and employee policies. At Finding Heads, social intelligence and personality are considered as important as expertise. Consequently, it works with companies that value and recognise this human aspect and understand how candidates can fit into their corporate culture. Marko and his team are well-equipped to overcome all the challenges that arise during the search process. With a lot of empathy, vision, and outstanding experience, Finding Heads skilfully weathers every storm in every engagement.