Ekawat Piriyawarasakul, Managing Partner, ES COUNSELEkawat Piriyawarasakul, Managing Partner
The employment law landscape has undergone a massive transformation in the post-pandemic world. From discrimination and wrongful termination to harassment and wage violations, companies are repeatedly hit by lawsuits filed by their employees. For tackling these situations, they are forced to rely on in-house HR teams that lack adequate knowledge of employment law, or law firms that do not have a good understanding of the company’s HR practices.

ES COUNSEL has earned the reputation of the legal partner of choice to bridge the gap between HR management and employment laws. With deep expertise in employment laws and HR management practices, it helps organizations in Thailand navigate a broad range of lawsuits and shield themselves against costly litigations.

“We provide a wide array of legal services through our team of world-class lawyers and professional assistants with extensive knowledge of labor and employment laws and HR management practices,” says Ekawat Piriyawarasakul, Managing Partner of ES COUNSEL.

It offers legal advice on job recruitment, benefits and welfare policies, termination, and retirement plans wh i l e helping organizations stay compliant with regulations from government agencies and authorities. ES COUNSEL also offers legal opinions on work rules and regulations to ensure an organization complies with Thai labor laws. It represents its clients during court proceedings and negotiations with employees and labor unions.

A distinctive edge to ES COUNSEL’s services is that all of its lawyers have expertise in different domains, from telecommunication to shipping to aviation. Cases are assigned depending on their specialties.

For instance, lawyers with experience in the hospitality sector offer legal advice to hotels embroiled in litigations. In the wake of pandemic-induced shutdowns, many hotels had to lay off a large number of employees. ES COUNSEL is negotiating with those employees and drafting highly complex agreements to defend its clients against contentious lawsuits.

Upon partnering, the lawyers work closely with clients’ HR, legal, and investigation teams to gain a detailed overview of their organizational policies. It provides the best, most practical, and cost-effective legal and HR management solutions to clients, on par with their unique policies and organizational culture. All legal documents needed to minimize the organization’s risks are prepared, reviewed and revised, as needed.

We provide a wide array of legal services through our team of world-class lawyers and professional assistants with extensive knowledge of both labor and employment laws and HR management practices

ES COUNSEL also specializes in a service that only a few legal firms in Thailand have expertise in—fraud investigation. It partners with its clients’ teams to conduct internal investigations and prepare personal lifestyle reports on target employees in case of fraud investigation. It also assists clients in carrying out thorough fraud risk assessments that can help them identify and mitigate potential cases, protecting their bottom line.

Over the years, ES COUNSEL has amassed clients across the automotive, hospitality, FMCG, healthcare, agriculture, and financial services sector through word-of-mouth referrals. Building on its widespread recognition of empowering organizations to stay ahead of legal liabilities, ES COUNSEL will continue to be the go-to employment law expert in Thailand, helping companies avert critical lawsuits and maintain solid business reputations.