Scott Wallace, Director, en world JapanScott Wallace, Director
Sourcing top talent amidst a global talent shortage in the workforce is no easy task. Even harder is coming across skilled professionals for middle to high-class executive positions that also happen to be the right cultural and personality fit for organizations.

In one stroke, en world Japan is making recruiting top-level executive talents easier for organizations across the world. The Tokyo-based staffing and recruitment company has redefined talent sourcing for both multinational Japanese firms and global foreign-affiliated businesses with a world-class network of executive talent pool and a two-decade old extensive in-house database of skilled professionals. en world Japan aids organizations in their executive search with its talent sourcing solutions and also acts as their recruitment partner at every stage of the hiring process. “We believe we are the only full, end-to-end recruitment business with an established group of solutions offering executive search, mid-career contracting and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services,” says Scott Wallace, Director of en world Executive Search.

en world Japan is on a mission to enhance the hiring experience for both organizations and candidates. As a business within en world Japan, en world Executive Search has been instrumental in bringing fresh perspectives, experiences and skills to enhance clients’ organizational culture and businesses. Existing candidate relationships built over the last 20 years provides client organizations access to executive candidatesacross a wide and diverse range of backgrounds, skill sets and industries. Specialized in sourcing senior business leaders for leadership roles, en world Executive Search focuses on both commercial (sales/marketing) and corporate (HR/finance/SCM/ sustainability) roles across industries like FMCG, luxury goods, automotive, renewable energy, and technology. Having access to a wide range of industry focused candidates with transferable skills and experiences enables en world Executive Search’s consultants to engage with more pools of candidates, while screening cultural fit and leadership style to match their clients’ needs. Identifying and transferring such talent when possible is imperative in Japan’s talent-short market and gives client organizations more recruiting options.

Emphasizing client knowledge, partnership, and execution at the core of their business, en world Executive Search focuses on gaining an in-depth understanding of their clients’ culture, strategy, projects, hiring practices, and situational requirements.
After a client consultation, the company’s consultants build recommended search strategies to identify and prioritize targeted candidate pools. “Apart from the successful introduction of a great leader, our goal is to partner closely with our clients to provide clear market analytics, thorough search strategies, and transparent reporting that will help them in their hiring decision,” informs Wallace. With en world Executive Search providing weekly progress reports centered on market analytics and collected market information, organizations are able to make hiring decisions more quickly and confidently based on real market information. This has been found to be particularly effective with clients who are establishing a new office in Japan or have never recruited in Japan.

However, the real deal clincher is en world Executive Search’s focus on performing reference checks in the early stages of the interview process. Ensuring the right fit is paramount, and in doing so, they strive to perform reference checks earlier in the process as part of the screening of candidates, rather than a last-minute check. In doing so, they gain further understanding into a candidate’s strengths, areas of improvement, accomplishments, leadership style, work under pressure, deadline management as well as culture fit and overall fit to a business. The earlier this can be done, the more informed our clients and candidates can be informed as to their fit for not only short-term performance, but also long-term retention.

Access to a range of technological tools aids en world Japan in the screening and selection of the final candidates. The technological expertise is offered by en Japan, the parent company of en world Japan. en Japan is a recruitment technology business that provides a multitude of tools to address talent related topics such as candidate assessment, new hire retention, employee education and personality and aptitude testing are amongst a host of services they can provide. Utilization of such technology enables clients to make better decisions and create a better onboarding and work experience, thereby positively influencing their hiring and retention rates.
  • We believe we are the only full, end-to-end talent solutions business with an established group of solutions offering executive search, mid-career contracting and RPO services

In the coming days, en world Japan will build more teams to augment their existing mid-career recruitment teams that will ensure the proper leveraging of ongoing candidate relationships to fill mid-career roles in organizations. Simultaneously, the company will add service offerings and teams to both existing and future clientele, primarily focusing on life sciences, consulting and financial services along with new emerging industries and skillsets. Regardless of the company roles, industry and hiring scenarios, en world Japan will be ever ready to serve clients’ diverse recruiting needs by developing tailored search strategies, along with offering in-depth consultations, technological expertise and a vast candidate database.