Dr. Cathy Greenberg & Dr. Relly Nadler at Emotional Brilliance Academy, Emotional Brilliance AcademyDr. Cathy Greenberg & Dr. Relly Nadler at Emotional Brilliance Academy
How to stay off autopilot and get more leaders into the top 10 percent?

The adverse conditions that business leaders are encountering in the current business environment make emotional intelligence more important than ever before. Business leaders and stakeholders are affected every day by the volatility created by the pandemic, economic and social uncertainty, racial inequality, and other global and local systemic issues. Amidst these chaotic disruptions, even the brightest and most driven business leaders find it essential to tap into not only their IQ but also their EQ or emotional intelligence (EI). An emotionally sound leader is better equipped to lead, build relationships, and be mindful of the emotions of the people they lead.

A survey by the Harvard Business Review suggested 98 percent of respondents across industry sectors saw EI capability and a sense of purpose essential for employee success and satisfaction. Yet, only 18 percent agreed it was ingrained in their culture. Given the profound impact of EI on businesses at large, these statistics are alarming. Without emotionally intelligent leaders, the team’s cohesion is compromised, which directly impacts the bottom line.

So, how can organizations build resilient leaders who are not only aware of their emotions but also in tune with the feelings and emotions of their team members?

The answer lies with the Emotional Brilliance Academy. As a leading-edge platform offering a proven leadership development curriculum, the Emotional Brilliance Academy ensures measurable long-term success and well-being. The Emotional Brilliance Academy is taking EI to a whole new level with emotional brilliance.

Filled with proven “go to” strategies for boosting EI, performance, engagement, mindfulness, and fearless leadership, the Emotional Brilliance Academy offers evidence-based learning modules, tips, and tools for unparalleled success.

The academy was founded by Dr. Cathy Greenberg and Dr. Relly Nadler, both thought leaders in positive psychology, emotional intelligence, strategy, and executive coaching. Together, they strive to help clients meet organizational and personal leadership training objectives, utilizing EI tools and practices.

In their discussion with Manage HR, Dr. Nadler and Dr. Greenberg, co-authors of the #1 international bestseller “Emotional Brilliance: Living a Stress Less, Fear Less Life,” explain how the Emotional Brilliance Academy helps executive leaders to demonstrate their leadership in crucial moments.

Could you provide us with an overview of the Emotional Brilliance Academy and how it benefits business leaders in today’s VUCA environment?

Dr. Greenberg: I was introduced to the concept of volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) by Dr. Warren Bennis, a pioneer in leadership and my mentor, and again during my work with the U.S. Army War College. I have garnered hands-on experience interviewing people on the front line—Special Forces, Navy Seals, SWAT teams, and more. Drawing insights from my experiences, I took VUCA from the military world and applied its knowledge in the current business environment.

Organizations are radically revamping their corporate culture and redesigning their offices to work virtually and adapt to the new normal. However, they haven’t quite worked on the emotional context of how one should respond in today’s unpredictable business environment. Under these circumstances, we need an emotionally intelligent leader to handle the sheer profusion of emotions and challenges engendered by the pandemic. Through our Emotional Brilliance Academy, we help our clients handle their emotions smartly and reach their true potential based on the principles of fearless leading:

• Act with inspiring courage
• Respond with resilience
• Think from a higher consciousness
• Engage with a mindset for success

Dr. Nadler: We enable leaders to limit autopilot reactions and instead bring forth their best responses at the moment to be “brilliant” consistently. To this end, the Emotional Brilliance Academy provides clients with a wide array of tools for:

• Developing talent
• Managing impulses
• Improving delegation
• Performance
• Change management
• Leadership
• Team performance.

We also deliver e-learning features that can track an individual’s program. With these, HR managers can assign e-learning curriculum to high potential candidates and monitor the same. Our platform provides daily reports on who has completed which portion of the curriculum, who is engaged in the e-learning process, and more. It also provides reminders when an individual has not finished a course or if they have completed a module and it is time to move to the next one.

Dr. Greenberg: The Emotional Brilliance Academy delivers a unique EI curriculum using 40 diverse avatars—the first of its kind—in up to 30 languages. The curriculum is customizable, affordable, and easy to leverage for a local or global audience which helps HR promote and improve diversity in organizations. We marry AI technology with our outstanding work to help individuals become better performers and transform how they approach their job and act in the face of setbacks.
By equipping organizations with our modules, especially in the HR development space, we assist them in the course of delivering better services and facilitating recruiting and hiring. Talent management is the key to success, and our modules equip HR professionals to be competent at their jobs and bring about measurable impact to the bottom line. Moreover, the Emotional Brilliance Academy makes way for huge cost savings by helping companies manage the development of their performers virtually in a way that not only leverages the talents of those people but also makes them mindful about what they are capable of.

What are some of the services that you offer to your clients?

Dr. Nadler: We provide a wide variety of services, including, Emotional Intelligence expertise, e-Learning, executive coaching, leadership assessments, corporate training, train the trainers, succession planning, and executive team coaching. We use leading-edge, state-of-the-art EI strategies in every executive leadership development program we offer.
  • Emotional Brilliance: Living a Stress Less, Fear Less Life

The Emotional Brilliance Academy has tools embedded in its curriculum to help leaders identify emotions they fail to grasp. By leveraging a certain set of principles like N.A.M.E—notice and normalize, accept, manage, and express, we direct an individual’s ability to understand themselves. We help leaders become aware of the emotions that can help them regain composure during difficult times, let go of negativity, cut out stressors, and become the best version of themselves.

Our Emotional Brilliance Academy platform is leveraged across industries, such as finance, healthcare, government, military special forces, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and more. Their leaders can find cutting-edge learning modules, videos, eBooks, audios, and assessments.

How is emotional brilliance different from emotional intelligence?

Dr. Greenberg: Emotional brilliance is a person’s perfect response to a situation based on their key strengths and capabilities. Simply put, if your home is the destination you seek, then emotional intelligence is knowing how to get there, and emotional brilliance is knowing all the back routes to get you to your destination in the quickest way, under any circumstances. Emotional brilliance is the go-to emotion that will carry you through any situation. The Emotional Brilliance Academy offers the right e-learning tools to help you identify that go-to emotion.

Could you provide a customer success story where your vast experience has helped clients with leadership development?

Dr. Greenberg: I have led the strategy and implementation of technology-related leadership development initiatives across the global Fortune 500. In working with multiple institutions such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Department of Defense (DOD), we have scripted multiple success stories with each client. We designed and delivered hours of content at the Public Safety Leadership Academy at Broward College across South Florida. The success of our work on emotional intelligence and emotional brilliance can be seen in the National Tactical Officers Association’s (NTOA) use of our program to certify SWAT Team Leaders.

What does the roadmap look like for your company?

Dr. Nadler: In addition to work across a variety of agencies and academies, we also support a diverse client base including school systems, charitable services, and market leaders like Workman Success Systems, the prominent real estate coaching organization, distributing their coaching services through the EBA platform in 2022. Vital Signs Vital Skills, LLC, a healthcare coaching and development firm is also using the site with their clients.

Readers can download their free eBook, 11 Reasons Why Need Emotional Intelligence at: “http://www.emotionalbrilliance.com/academy