Wendy McIntosh, Co-founder & Managing Director, James Temple, Co-founder, Emerald TalentWendy McIntosh, Co-founder & Managing Director, James Temple, Co-founder
Talent is a competitive advantage. Even as the tech industry brims with it, selecting the ideal candidate becomes a herculean task for most organizations.

Emerald Talent, a recruiting consultancy specializing in On- Demand Recruiting, is the ideal partner for organizations struggling with their talent hunt. Emerald Talent supports companies at every stage of hiring and delivers robust, diverse, and inclusive talent slates with new perspectives and ideologies to elevate the organization to new levels.

“We sift through hundreds of candidates to bring the only the very best of the best to the table for our clients to choose from,” says Wendy McIntosh, Managing Director and Co-founder, Emerald Talent.

Emerald Talent’s team saves its clients time and hassles when it comes to recruitment, which can be spent more productively to improve operational efficiency.

Emerald Talent customizes each engagement to fit each of its clients’ business needs and uses a structured framework to refine and fine-tune the assessment process. The team invests time with clients early in an engagement to get a deep understanding of the roles to be filled, the skill sets required, and the company culture. The team also assess the clients’ existing leaders and teams to fill roles with candidate’s who bring a different perspective and “value-add” to the team, which is essentially what sets Emerald apart from its competitors.

This specialized and unique approach by Emerald Talent enables its clients to add a fresh flavor of talent to their respective teams with a new and different philosophy around technology. They focus on giving clients what they want as well as what they didn’t realize they needed to scale and optimize highly productive teams.

Emerald Talent treads a-typical routes to find the best talent for their clients. Its team attends various industry conferences, webinars, and networking events, where they meticulously pick their ideal candidates. They ensure the candidates are not just subject matter experts but industry experts who can take their clients’ businesses to new heights. The Emerald Talent team believes in clear communication and ensures that the client is in sync with the planned process all the way through, enabling an easier pivot around in case of any change or modification in the action plan with no hassle.

Emerald Talent’s recruiting process prioritizes onboarding candidates who can make an impact. Its team determines how the company performs before and after the candidates’ onboarding at specific intervals, as they strive to improve their process and results.

Emerald Talent also conducts electronic surveys, which allow a clearer expression of the clients’ expectations, as well as the candidates’ feedback from their onboarding experiences. The collected data is then used to analyze how well the candidates and organization are living up to expectations and to navigate through disconnects to ensure that everyone involved, is aligned and working together.

We sift through hundreds of candidates to bring the best of the best to our clients

Each of Emerald Talent’s clients is a referral from other clients, which is a true endorsement of the positive results and how happy its clients are with the services they receive.

A New York-based startup once approached Emerald Talent as they were struggling to onboard an engineering team with niche skillsets from the abundance of talents in the market. Emerald Talent helped the client understand the plan of action and then streamlined the recruitment process before making hires.

In a matter of months, the client’s engineering team grew beyond all expectations to the point where they reached out to Emerald Talent a second time seeking assistance with hiring their sales and customer success teams.

Emerald Talent is a firm that is technology agnostic and is confident in its team’s ability to plug and play into any client’s needs that may come their way. Emerald’s recruiting methodologies and frameworks are flexible enough to fit any scenario.

Emerald Talent’s perfect blend of recruitment best practices and seamless white glove candidate experiences helps numerous clients leave their talent acquisition woes behind.