Angela Nichols, President and Micaela Robinson, Regional Director of Business Innovation & Program Manager, Elevation HealthAngela Nichols, President and Micaela Robinson, Regional Director of Business Innovation & Program Manager
Clients, companies, and communities are constantly searching for better ways to engage their people, and many turn to fitness and wellness programs for answers, especially after the impact of COVID-19. Elevation Health has an expert team that brings engagement strategies to the table, offering its clients high-level fitness, wellness, and health management services that keep people coming back for more. From the design and delivery of fitness and wellness programs and facilities, to managing the involvement of those who participate, Elevation Health partners with clients to provide virtual and onsite fitness experiences, administered by wellness professionals, and managed to ensure that communities investing in fitness and wellness are seeing the benefits.

Angela Nichols, president of Elevation Health, describes how Elevation Health uses the power of fitness and wellness to improve nearly all aspects of living, including healthcare improvements and cost reduction with properly managed programs, and how new hybrid work schedules play a part in the fitness and wellness engagement cycle.

Today’s Hybrid Within Workplace Wellness

“Our in-house technology sets us apart by making it easy for local and remote employees to take advantage of health and fitness programs. Providing both virtual and onsite offerings engages a vast number of employees who have shifted to a hybrid work schedule. Through this flexible system, we can manage membership and make technological advancements that lower health and safety liabilities while maintaining top-notch services for employees.”

Clients who engage Elevation Health to help create and manage their fitness and wellness programs find that the collaborative approach to professional fitness design and program delivery is more agile and trackable than in-house, DIY approaches. “Our operations in the private sector allow us to quickly curate solutions for each client’s wellness and fitness needs. Our executives actively connect with clients, listening to and understanding their specific requests regarding fitness. We heavily invest in educating our employees on custom management and leadership behind community fitness enhancement, as we focus on a life-balance model for all participants. The time and energy dedicated to assisting wellness program members and? boosting engagement produces proven ROI that every client can be proud of.”

“We provide a variety of group fitness programs available in live and pre-recorded formats. Our team members form tight connections with clients, and that ‘insider perspective’ distinguishes us from the rest of the crowd. Many participants have a favorite yoga instructor or trainee they feel at ease (and wish to continue their sessions) with, and the entire program is custom-created, managed and supported by the Elevation Health team. Our technology allows participants to connect to fitness programs remotely, which also benefits organizations in keeping up with business trends. Many employees and employers have adopted a hybrid schedule, with flexible work locations and hours. Supplying onsite amenities remotely and offering the necessary services to match the new standard of employee expectations is essential to attract and retain top talent.”

The Elevation Health team is active and expert in a number of industry segments, from hospital and government clients interested in fitness and wellness expansion, to Elevation Health’s long-standing connection with corporations and residential clients including apartment buildings and planned communities, to country clubs and commercial multi-tenant buildings.

Leveraging Technology to Promote User Engagement

The team at Elevation Health develops tailored digital technology solutions around wellness programming, and they focus on keeping participants engaged and actively using fitness and wellness amenities. “We manage all levels of fitness engagement, from helping track individual workout routines to offering complementary health and wellness services to entire communities.” With Elevation Health, organizations can access an online portal through a single click, where participants have access to a calendar with options for online registration and touch-free check-in for sessions, in addition to a library of prerecorded video lessons. “The Elevation technology portal allows our corporate clients to maintain an online presence by giving participants access to a wide variety of health and fitness offerings, bundled with features including registering for group fitness classes offered at the client’s location, and the ability to purchase fitness services and subscription packages, among other things.”

One of the digital technology solutions offered by Elevation Health is the Boost by Elevation app, which lets users access the fitness portal anywhere. It offers comprehensive reports to each client regarding the monthly or quarterly performance around engagement and use of fitness and wellness programs and amenities. The statistics are used to determine what works in building user engagement and participation and what doesn’t. According to Nichols, “If a program is underperforming, we make the necessary changes to remedy it.”
  • We believe that wellness and exercise connects people - to themselves and to others - enhancing every facet of life

Fitness Programs Help Build Employee Connections

Elevation Health’s main purpose is to help clients engage their communities in fitness and wellness. “Typically, clients approach us for solutions to employee engagement problems. They are interested in starting group exercise courses, establishing an onsite fitness center, or seeking other wellness programs. We collaborate around their intended goals and create the strongest ROI possible for clients pursuing wellness initiatives.”

“A client with approximately 3000 employees came to us with employee engagement challenges. We implemented a fiveweek hybrid wellness program to jump-start a change. Along with establishing an onsite fitness center that conducted in-person group fitness courses, we gave participants access to a customized Elevation Health wellness portal to provide virtual classes. Nearly 75 percent of the client’s employees participated -- a huge success! The organization saw considerable improvement in employee engagement and culture development, with employees developing a sense of camaraderie, which motivated them to enhance their health and wellness even further.”

In another instance, the overwhelming success of a senior executive health initiative within a large financial firm led the client to open the program for all employees, developing an onsite fitness facility and a robust set of programs to continue the wave of positive changes within the company culture. Currently, the client now has four onsite fitness centers across the U.S. and is building a fifth in partnership with Elevation Health, dramatically reducing healthcare costs and increasing employee retention.