Dr. Paul Jenkins, Founder & Medical Director & Ahmed Elbarkouki, Chief Executive Officer, Echelon HealthDr. Paul Jenkins, Founder & Medical Director & Ahmed Elbarkouki, Chief Executive Officer
Health assessments to identify and reduce risks are crucial for a healthier and longer life. A majority of working individuals over the age of 40 need regular health screenings, as they have an increased risk of developing chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

Leading the charge in preventive healthcare, Echelon Health blends top-tier medical equipment and a team of expert radiographers and radiologists to identify health concerns, allowing for earlier intervention.

“Our world-leading preventative health assessments detect disease at its earliest stages, enabling clients to age better and live longer, healthier lives,” says Ahmed Elbarkouki, CEO of Echelon Health.

This story of the CEO of a financial services company is a perfect example. In a routine health check-up, Echelon found a malformation in his brain’s arteries. Despite not showing any symptoms, he was at high risk of a major brain aneurysm at any time.

Taking immediate action, Echelon referred him to a leading surgeon, who removed the abnormality in his brain. This prompt intervention aided his quick recovery, turning him into one of Echelon’s most valued ambassadors.

Echelon’s comprehensive health assessments can detect the vast majority of diseases at their earliest stage.

The Best Modalities for Every Disease

Echelon is the brainchild of Dr. Paul Jenkins; whose deep understanding of the healthcare assessment field drives its preventative vision.

It lends an extensive level of detail to its health assessment techniques because using the right modality can make a world of difference for an individual. Rather than depending on a single modality to detect a disease, it takes advantage of a combination of gold-standard modalities to diagnose or eliminate the possibility of the bulk of diseases. These include comprehensive blood tests comprising over 40 parameters, including cancer markers, and multiple diagnostic imaging technologies like ultrasound, MRI, and CT.

Echelon’s experienced team of radiologists with organ-specific expertise reports on the imaging and CT findings.

“We can detect up to 92 percent of the causes of premature death in men and up to 95 percent in women,” adds Elbarkouki.

Augmenting Echelon’s health assessments is its interactive body map that helps minimize the ambiguity prevalent within healthcare. The map provides clients with a brief insight into all the diseases Echelon scans and shows the major scans and tests it uses to detect a particular disease.

Apart from offering the most comprehensive health assessments on the market, Echelon is able to work with its corporate clients to create an optimal solution for their executives.

Echelon takes into consideration multiple elements, including average age, disease prevalence between men and women, and family history, while discussing everything privately with the individual. Once this information is collected, it consults with the client’s HR and benefits team about the assessments they want for their executives. Echelon offers them the best option based on their budget and needs. When the assessment is complete, its consultants provide clients with extensive health insights, using their current health as a benchmark.

Our World-Leading Preventative Health Assessments Detect Disease At Its Earliest Stages, Enabling Clients To Age Better And Live Longer, Healthier Lives

The corporate health assessments are primarily geared toward senior professionals aged 40 and above. People employed in highly stressful environments like legal firms or financial services institutions are often at high risk of contracting heart disease. Common statistics-based health assessments include a few blood tests, physical exams, and lifestyle questions. These paint an overall picture of a patient’s health and simply offer a statistical probability of them developing coronary heart disease over the next five years.

Echelon delves deeper. It uses a CT coronary angiogram, the gold standard for scanning coronary heart disease, to scan an individual’s heart, providing a realistic individualized image of the organ. An Echelon radiologist reports on the image and a cardiologist reviews the image to help clients make practical decisions regarding lifestyle changes, medication, or intervention in case of more severe cases.

With its location on London’s Harley Street, a renowned hub for private healthcare, Echelon has access to the finest clinics and medical specialists in the field.

Meaningful and Impactful Health Assessments

Undergoing a health assessment can be stressful for anyone. The Echelon team is available round the clock to answer client queries, willing to walk the extra mile with every request. It always strives to ease client concerns, including arranging hotel accommodation and transportation if required.

Identified as the private jet of health assessments by The Times, Echelon assigns every client with a dedicated liaison officer, ensuring unrivalled attention to detail and individual experience, apart from the clinical element of an assessment. Having a single point of contact throughout the process creates a sense of comfort for clients. It translates that same experience to its corporate clientele, providing them with top-tier assessments with a dedicated liaison officer accompanying them till the end of their assessment.

Recognizing that every company has a distinct perception of the onboarding process, Echelon operates on a flexible model for its corporate clients. Experience-based guidance enables clients to find an onboarding process that works best for them.
  • We Can Detect Up To 92 Percent Of The Causes Of Premature Death In Men And Up To 95 Percent In Women

Echelon eases the burden of its corporate clients and their HR departments by taking on the bulk of the labour involved in organizing employee health assessments. It creates dedicated brochures specifying details of the health assessment programs for employees who wish to sign up for a check-up. It hosts wellness days for its corporate clientele, offering employees the opportunity to privately and confidently discuss their health assessment.

A client that made the most out of Echelon’s health assessment programs previously had around two to three cardiac episodes a year among their employees. The client’s employees were working in a stressful environment when they turned to Echelon for help. Their goal was to reduce stress and detect heart diseases in the early stages so they could get treated and avoid the risks. Echelon implemented its Healthy Heart program and reduced the episodes to zero over two years.

At the heart of Echelon’s philosophy lies a commitment to educating the corporate world through its blogs and publications on what entails a meaningful, impactful health assessment.

It is registered with the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator of health and social care in England, ensuring that its assessment programs meet England’s regulatory standards. Its medical advisory committee of consultants and physiologists from various disciplines helps it stay up to date with the latest rules, regulations, and technology and process client requests.

Echelon’s exemplary service at every stage of the health assessment process and dedication to client care makes it the ideal provider for individuals and organizations looking for preventive health care.