Jiquanda Nelson, CEO, Diversity WindowJiquanda Nelson, CEO
Diversity Window, a training and consulting firm, strives to help organizations enact diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI) measures. Using its in-house online training services, Diversity Window assists clients in fulfilling their commitment to inclusivity and fosters a welcoming workplace for employees.

In a recent interview, Jiquanda Nelson, CEO of Diversity Window, elaborates on how the organization uses its data collection system to determine clients’ pain points. She also sheds light on how Diversity Window approaches problems surrounding DEI efforts and implementation.

Diversity Window’s Position in the Corporate Online Training Space

Diversity Window’s all-in-one data collection and training package targets the promotion of DEI efforts by offering easily-accessible training programs that organizations with small or large teams can follow. By helping our clients identify the diversity gaps through our online platform, we can curate training programs to mend those very gaps.

We assess the areas where organizations must focus their efforts on building a strong DEI foundation and the strategy they need to employ to make that happen. We also provide employees with the skills and tools to lead this work, irrespective of their hierarchical position.

How Diversity Window Differentiates Itself in Today’s Market

Organizations often lack the data to work on DEI efforts. As a result, they are unable to operationalize the required initiatives. Having the correct data is crucial to DEI-centred work. Diversity Window zeroes in on efforts to collect the required data, present it to clients, and get them started on the necessary strategy, training, and executive action. Our online platform provides clients with insights about their organizations, including annual reports, employee engagement, surveys, anonymous feedback, employee resource groups, and more. We also have a dashboard that displays real-time demographic data to formulate strategies and execute plans.

Diversity Window emphasizes connecting DEI efforts to clients’ business strategies and goals. While awareness and creating strategy are essential, what sets us apart from competitors is how we help our clients achieve their DEI goals by executing that strategy.

Empowering All Levels of the Hierarchy

Diversity Window understands the different learning needs of people. We formulate our training program to be accessible and enable employees to process the material and reflect it in their behavior. We aim to continuously build awareness and skill around DEI sensitivity to support employees, as these concepts consciously or subconsciously impact how they do business, make decisions, and engage with each other. Diversity Window’s training and intervention programs address issues around unconscious biases and teach valuable skills in sensitivity awareness and interviewing. We take care to empower individual contributors who feel they may not have the authority to make a difference.

Diversity Window meets clients at their step of the DEI journey, building a platform and equipping them with the learning they need to improve the organization’s culture. We do the foundational work to determine what data leaders require to lead their teams through DEI issues.

We provide the complete package to our clients. Along with training, we assist them in practically applying the knowledge they’ve gained outside our online platform. This equips clients with the skills and information they need to combat DEI issues. We also measure the impact our training has made on clients’ staff and organization.

Understanding the Client Organization’s Culture and Direction

Our clients are often unsure of how to approach their stalled growth in DEI efforts. We offer to conduct an assessment of their organization to determine the situation, following which we build solutions that continuously support their DEI sentiments over time. Our organization then conducts a broader cultural assessment, giving us an organizational view of where DEI is or isn’t practiced.

We take care to empower individual contributors who feel they may not have the authority to make a difference

We then conduct another survey through our online platform, specifically for employees, regarding the extent to which individuals feel they are included within the organization. Termed “qualitative data,” we take input from employees and interview executives around the DEI context. Through this entire process, Diversity Window recommends adequate solutions to clients, whether to start from scratch or build on a pre-existing project. The subsequent roadmap formed allows our clients to determine the issues pertaining to their DEI efforts they want to focus on.

Bringing About a Major Change in Organizational DEI Efforts

I recall a few organizations we’ve worked with previously with no DEI leaders, goals, or action plans. They approached us with no clue on where to start while clearly motivated to uphold their commitment to DEI. Diversity Window helped these clients combat their DEI problems and foster action planning. We provide and implement solutions by collecting data, strategizing, and conducting training.

With clients who work with us for an extended period, we curate a training program specific to their organization’s goals, bringing awareness to the employees about the importance of DEI implementation and practice. This also equips everyone with the skills they need to lead their work in DEI efforts, regardless of position. Throughout this process, we keep the organization’s cultural context in mind and supply clients with a dashboard to track their progress.