Ria Behniwal, Founder, Diligent HR SolutionsRia Behniwal, Founder
Temp staffing agencies have grown prominently as more businesses engage with them to find suitable and skilled candidates for their vacancies. However, due to their limited ability to run relevant assessments, the candidates these agencies deliver seldom become long-term employees, leaving employers with the hassle of repeatedly managing payrolls and discontinuing surcharges.

Diligent HR (DHR) Solutions flips this script through its top-class talent acquisition services that help businesses reduce employment shortages and labor costs by gathering a pool of promotion-worthy and compatible candidates to expand recruitment areas and resolve any outstanding agency-related issues.

Ensuring a win-win-win situation for stakeholders, job seekers, and potential clients, DHR has a 360-proven staff management system and foolproof hiring process with various assessment stages and candidate testing methods that boost the development of a sustainable and reliable workforce. Its simplified academic-based recruitment process enables quick hiring improvements for utmost candidate and employer satisfaction.

“We ensure candidates find their desired placement while prioritizing an employer’s talent acquisition mandate at a relatively affordable price and on a timely basis,” says Ria Behniwal, founder of Diligent HR Solutions.

A contingent staffing company, DHR acts as a client’s virtual satellite HR office to deliver efficient turnaround times, standardized screening practices, selection criteria assessments, expedient candidate matching, intuitive pre-shift readiness checks, and timely follow-up processes.

DHR effectively manages employee fulfillment requirements through a people-first ideology, minimizing downtime and maximizing workforce productivity. It formulates a service team for every client’s talent requirements to markedly reduce their labor costs and turnover rates.

When partnering with a business, DHR deploys a comprehensive systems approach, thorough analysis, and complete HR consultation to identify issues disrupting productivity. Following this, it conducts reflective and performance evaluations and follow-up routines on an ongoing and daily basis, eliminating communication gaps between candidates and employers.

This candidate-employer harmony is directly established by DHR and a client’s relationship manager (CRM), who ensures transparency reaches all elements of the recruitment process and enables HR teams to reliably complete fulfillment requirements and other mandates. From receiving a client’s order to assigning relevant candidates, DHR assures them with backups when a candidate does not show up, preventing unfavorable circumstances within a facility.

Thanks to these customized HR fulfillment services, DHR competently serves many companies that trust it as their primary source for temp staffing needs. Its integrity in recruiting processes has also helped maintain an untarnished client retention rate, a proven track record of excellence, and unrivaled customer loyalty.

A story highlighting the impact of DHR’s portfolio is of a thermoforming plastic extrusion plant struggling to optimally fulfill their 12-hour continental shifts. This client’s staffing inadequacies heavily impacted their production quotas and created the need for high-volume recruitment. In addition, their hot working environment forced many employees with limited temperature tolerances to leave the premises mid-shift, increasing absenteeism and eventually doubling the shifts for competent workers.

We ensure candidates find their desired placement while prioritizing an employer’s talent acquisition mandate at a relatively affordable price and on a timely basis

DHR implemented a bulk screening and recruiting process for this project and devised a consultation strategy for their HR generalist. It provided temp candidates who met DHR’s Chief HR Consultant, Gary Khtana, and his representative for a plant tour, brief assessments, and meetings with the production supervisors and HR generalist. Subsequently, DHR successfully delivered 15 net par candidates for a requirement of ten as a backup and primary means of eliminating future job uncertainties and candidate mismatch risks. Above all, its placement strategy significantly streamlined the plant’s recruitment processes by considering a candidate’s compatibility with the job and working environment.

Similarly, DHR has deployed over 500 temp staff across six different locations in Canada, which exemplifies its passion for creating valuable partnerships with companies needing HR support services and helping fill full-time job positions in a timely and costeffective manner.

Moving forward, DHR aims to ensure clients always meet or exceed their production quotas and confidently invest their time in planning their business growth and expansions through its highest HR practice standards.