Canada is one of the most popular destinations for relocation. With its robust economy and abundant opportunities for career and education, Canada attracts multitudes of immigrants every year. As there are more than 60 legal approaches to immigrating to Canada, navigating the intricate maze can be daunting. What people seek in this scenario is a trustworthy consultant with the expertise to help them zero in on the best ways to apply for legal status, as well as guide them at each step of the immigration process.

Going the extra mile to alleviate all immigration hurdles, Delight Immigration Services, a prominent consulting firm, provides a complete range of immigration services to ensure a hassle-free experience for students, workers, and visitors.

“From the moment a client applies for an immigrant visa, we provide step-by-step guidance until the time they acquire citizenship,” says Navjot Gill, RCIC and Director, Delight Immigration Services.

As a student, Gill experienced firsthand the difficulties of acquiring permanent residency in Canada. He established Delight Immigration Services to ensure a smooth immigration experience with simple tools and in-depth knowledge

The company covers all the legal ways to immigrate to Canada, including provincial nominee programs and start-up visa programs, among others. Delight Immigration’s comprehensive services also include Express Entry that enables talented workers to go to Canada through The Federal Skilled Worker Program, The Federal Skilled Trades Program, or The Canadian Experience Class.

Responsible Service at Every Level

At every step of the process, Delight Immigration leaves no stone unturned in helping its clients. Whenever any consultation service is required, Delight Immigration provides a one-on-one assessment and documents the client’s history, including detailed information on their education and work experience, prior to going through with the application.

As no two cases are alike, the firm treats every client individually, taking into account their unique history. A checklist review is made of all client documentation to ensure that everything corresponding to the application guidelines has been provided. Following the assessment of the client’s requirements and experience, the firm offers consultation on all available options to apply for a visa or permit, listing the pros and cons of each.

Delight Immigration’s goal is to assist the client in understanding each visa option to help them determine which category they fall into and prepare accordingly. For instance, the firm recommends start-up visa programs as the most suitable option for entrepreneurs.

For students, as they primarily apply for a work permit or a study permit extension, Delight Immigration guides them through the application process, advising them of all the legal requirements that they need to be aware of when applying.

These assessments allow the firm to understand the client’s needs, whether it’s a work permit, permanent residency, study permit, or business immigration, and deduce a legal way toward a desirable result. In the end, it all comes down to how well a client can relay their information, which allows Delight Immigration to help them out in accordance with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada, ensuring a flawless process.

After clients submit their documentation, Delight Immigration provides them with a specific timeline and aims to process the application prior to deadlines. To ensure such efficiency, the team begins its day-to-day operations by reviewing each open case, followed by a midday meeting to ensure that everyone remains up-to-speed.
Ensuring a Flawless Process

“We are in a competition with ourselves as we build a better system based on our experience every day,” says Gill. Delight Immigration is driven by a mission to continuously hone its expertise and guide clients with that knowledge.

Delight Immigration’s expertise is evidenced by an instance of a client experiencing a labor shortage, as their migrant workers kept leaving after only a month or two. The client had to continuously recruit and train new employees. Coming to the client’s rescue, Delight Immigration guided their job applicants in the process of acquiring temporary residence visas. It helped make the workers feel secure working at the client’s company, which in turn ensured a stable workforce. The client had been struggling initially to maintain a business in one location. Afterward Delight Immigration’s assistance, they were able to expand to three more.

Illustrating another typical case is the help the firm provided for an applicant whose career required they remain in Canada. But as they had uploaded the wrong documents, their application was rejected, and they were given a 90-day departure order. Unsure of why it happened, they sought Delight Immigration’s services. The firm went through all of the documents to determine what was missing. Resolving the issue was a life-changing event for the client.

From the moment a client applies for an immigrant visa, we provide step-by-step guidance until the time they acquire citizenship

The comprehensive services provided by Delight Immigration keep the clients coming back to seek help with work permit applications, study permit extensions, or visas for their family or peers. The clients often refer the firm’s services to others based on their excellent experience and the honest advice that the team offers.

The Consulting Firm of Choice

Even after an application goes through successfully, Delight Immigration continues to ensure that the client does not come across any subsequent setbacks, such as issues that can arise at a port of entry. Whether it is evaluation of an individual’s Comprehensive Ranking System profile to push for Express Entry, applying for provincial nominee programs or a need for a Labor Market Impact Assessment, the firm’s robust team addresses everything with dedication.
  • We are in a competition with ourselves as we build a better system based on our experience every day

Committed to delivering flawless processes, Delight Immigration continuously keeps an eye on regulatory changes and updates to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, as more rigid travel restrictions and regulatory changes are introduced, Delight Immigration prioritizes communicating those changes to its clients. The firm’s knowledgeable and experienced team empowers it to assist its clients in overcoming every immigration hurdle.

Striving to continuously build on its expertise and bring responsible client-centric service at every level, Delight Immigration Services proves to be the ideal choice for every immigration need.