Evelyn Chow, Managing Director, Annie Kok, Head of Technology and Leong Pik Yin, head of marketing, John P. Vincent, Business Development Director and Charlene Yong, Client Engagement Director., DecodeHREvelyn Chow, Managing Director
Many organizations in the U.S. and Europe are keen on entering the Asian market as part of their global expansion goals. Setting up a new office in another country is exciting, but building an HR team and hiring new employees while complying with local laws in an unfamiliar market can be daunting.

DecodeHR, a Singapore-based consulting firm, makes this journey effortless for organizations by becoming their HR team. Singapore is a preferred location for international businesses because of its record of political stability and world-class infrastructure.

“We take care of every nuance of HR consulting from the moment we engage with an organization,” says Evelyn Chow, Managing Director, DecodeHR. “We ensure full supervision, from setting up the HR process to ensuring that the clients have robust offer letters, onboarding programs, benefits and compensation, healthcare insurance, and adherence to labor laws.”

Although its team is primarily Singapore-based, DecodeHR has a team of global consultants, ensuring its clients have access to its services and support beyond Asia. DecodeHR was primarily focused on providing services related solely to professional management, but as time passed, it expanded into a wide range of industries, from healthcare to financial services and technology. “Asia Pacific is a very vibrant and exciting region to conduct business in – both start-ups and established organisations recognize the importance of having a presence here. However, it can be very challenging to navigate the myriad of labor laws across so many countries, against a backdrop of distinctive country cultures,” says Chow.

The case of an American pharma company attests to DecodeHR’s white-glove services. The client was looking to set up their new office as quickly as possible, but setting up the corporate structure, and HR processes and policies were delaying the process. DecodeHR took over the HR process, assisted with the relocation of their expatriate, structured a benefits program, helped develop their HR policies and assured local regulations were met.
Subsequently they also assisted this client with their recruitment needs.

DecodeHR focuses on offering end-to-end HR services, from talent acquisition to strategic advice and high-impact solutions for clients seeking expertise in specific areas of HR. Most clients approach DecodeHR with issues regarding performance management, employer branding, competency frameworks, and compensation and benefits. It has a purpose-built, systematic plan of action for tackling the issues that are slowing down the client. Its team invests time in careful understanding of the existing methodologies of the client, carries out benchmarking, and reviews job goals before devising optimal strategies.

DecodeHR is dedicated to comprehending the client’s business strategies before building up the HR process, rather than diving right in.

We take care of every nuance of HR consulting from the moment we engage with an organization

“We believe in taking a consultative approach with our clients,” says Chow. “We spend time with the leadership team to understand their vision, business strategies and their current workforce’s capabilities. Our priority is to focus on the most critical interventions. Thereafter, we will progressively map out key milestones, focusing on making quality incremental progress to reach their desired goals.”

Many clients also opt to retain DecodeHR on a long-term basis, giving them exclusive access to relevant and current legislative updates regarding employment, labor, and social security legislation.

DecodeHR has a team of talented individuals with expertise in a wide range of industries. They complement each other in terms of exposure and skill sets, as they brainstorm ideas to enable their clients to receive the best services.

With its in-depth knowledge of and experience in the international arena, DecodeHR offers objective consulting services for any organization interested in establishing a strong foothold in the Asian market.