Sabrina Shadie, Founder and CEO, D’Rose Development ConsultancySabrina Shadie, Founder and CEO
DEI practice should be part of their everyday business strategy. A one size fits all approach will just not do. Educating employees, empowering them with information, and giving them the confidence to discuss issues are means to achieve the result. D’Rose Development Consultancy was conceptualized just to do this.

Belonging to an underrepresented yet economically stable family and working with public sector institutions like youth services, prisons, and educational organizations made Sabrina Shadie, Founder and CEO of D’Rose Development Consultancy, realize the need to educate corporate employees to become inclusion champions. As a firm believer in education being the key to change, Shadie has structured D’Rose Development Consultancy’s employee training and self-learning platform to help users understand the benefits of DEI. “Providing a bit of training opens up the doors and makes that organizational space much more inclusive,” says Shadie. “Our training makes people feel valued and invested in, helping everybody understand the vision,” she adds. The company ensures that its clients build DEI practices into their everyday business strategy, make employees accountable and implement the DEI in their team meetings, trustee meetings, and every conversation.

D’Rose achieves this through its proprietary model D’Rose Resilience Tree. Deriving from the resilience characteristic of a tree, the model is shaped around elements of nature to help organizations and people understand how equality and diversity make businesses resilient as an entity. It starts with providing a secure, embedded foundation, imparting knowledge about the current state of the DEI practices within the organization, and being responsive to it. Importance is given to being flexible and responding to environmental changes. The employees are trained to see challenges and difficulties as opportunities for business growth. Perseverance is another element of the tree; not to give up quickly and consistently engage and connect with all the stakeholders, encouraging collaboration for a sustainable ecosystem. The final one is the renewal cycle, where D’Rose Development Consultancy reviews and evaluates its processes to keep striving for improved opportunities for everyone involved.

Our training makes people feel valued and invested, helping everybody understand the vision

In addition, the company offers a self-learning platform called D’Rose Development providing certified modules, a collection of more than 50 different topics available online. The modules help employees and people upskill on various topics ranging from alcohol awareness to rights and responsibilities and mental health issues such as understanding depression and anxiety. The modules are four hours long, and the participant is certified upon completion. The platform is also part of D’Rose’s organizational training.

Another unique aspect of D’Rose Development Consultancy is that they help their clients see their values and build on them. For example, a client might have championed the cause of the importance of mental health within the organization. D’Rose will emphasize using the same strategic plan to build inclusive actions around LGBTQ+. It’s about building that army of people who care about making the world more inclusive. D’Rose Development Consultancy has pledged to train 100 inclusion and Wellbeing champions by December 2022. These champions will impact their corporate environment, local communities, and families.