Xavier Sénécal, Consultant, Christophe Vasseur, Founder, CV ConsultantsXavier Sénécal, Consultant, Christophe Vasseur, Founder
French payroll is highly complex. Replete with intricate details and subject to ever-evolving rules and regulations, payroll design and management is a struggle for French organisations. To build streamlined and compliant payrolls that make timely and accurate employee payments possible, they must use the voluminous data contained in a typical French payslip. This requires specialised data extraction and analysis capabilities and functional and operational expertise in payroll management. This combination is hard to come across until CV Consultants enters the picture.

Experts in navigating French payroll, CV Consultants, an independent consulting firm, specialises in payroll, HR, and HRIS management auditing. It has emerged as the preferred choice for companies looking to glean insights from payroll data to design improved automated payroll systems and manage them better.

CV Consultants’ team of skilled senior consultants is well-versed in the intricacies of French payroll and ways to build efficient and compliant payroll systems. Their extensive industry experience enables CV Consultants to immediately understand the nuances of customers’ payroll issues or queries, identify gaps in their processes, and resolve them. The team also delves into clients’ payroll data and uses its expertise to create customised programs for solving specific payroll issues. This ultimately elevates employer-employee relations and leads to greater talent retention.

“We support our customers in efficiently addressing their payroll and growing their teams, with a goal to make them comfortable with the complex French payroll,” says Christophe Vasseur, founder of CV Consulting.

In its consulting services, CV Consultants offers enhanced cost-to-company (CTC) calculations that take into account tax deductions and employee contributions and adherence to the latest payroll regulations. It helps companies ensure on-time and fair payments to their workforces, contributing to the overall employee experience and increased retention.

On request of large French corporations with centres located beyond borders, CV Consultants acts as their outsourced payroll manager. It handles the administrative responsibility of accurate payroll calculations in their overseas offices. In addition, it provides hands-on training to clients’ on-site payroll personnel to handle operations per French regulations.

Impressed by CV Consultants’ strong word-of-mouth reputation as payroll experts offering precise calculations, a company sought its guidance on ensuring timely and correct payment processing for their employees in a compliant manner. For the last seven years, they have been processing all payroll-related paperwork to the satisfaction of the French administration and regulatory authorities, courtesy of CV Consultants.
  • We support our customers in efficiently addressing their payroll needs and growing their teams, with a goal to make them comfortable with the complex French payroll

Similarly, CV Consultants undertook a payroll project for a large company that wanted to validate their payroll for the past four years by the administration. It recalculated all relevant employee contributions and tax exemptions for the client’s 100,000 employees, which were duly validated by French authorities.

Armed with robust technical expertise and a team of seasoned experts, CV Consultants serves all payroll needs of SMEs, government agencies, and large enterprises. It focuses on fostering proximity with clients and being attentive and readily available to them, as reflected in the way its consultants respond to customers online all seven days of the week. It stands apart with its ability to quickly resolve complex payroll issues, earning the moniker “fire-fighters of payroll” from clients.

CV Consultants facilitates success by adopting a defined, root-cause analysis approach that identifies the core issues or errors in an organisation’s payroll process and works on resolving them. Equipped with a definite action plan for streamlining and easing French payroll for clients, CV Consultants is a potent force organisations can turn to for meeting all payroll design and management needs.