Ross Ahmadzai, Principal Migration Solicitor, Crystal MigrationRoss Ahmadzai, Principal Migration Solicitor
Sustainability is a prime concern in the world today, with the population already reaching eight billion. Countries are placing stringent immigration laws to contain their population by accepting visas based on how an immigrant will contribute to the growth of a nation. These rigorous immigration regulations help reduce the number of people who are granted permanent residence, all the while providing it toa worthy subset of people that drive the nation’s socio-economic growth. Australia, in particular, has been the ‘promise land’ for a diverse demographic of international manpower, especially in the construction industry, which has empowered individuals across the world to pursue their vocations and aspirations.

Having said that, Australia has complicated and diverse immigration regulations that might be challenging to understand for someone considering relocating to the nation. A helping hand in the shape of a legal firm is required to aid people who desire to relocate to Australia. This is where Crystal Migration comes in; a firm that offers individualized immigration advice backed by expansive subject matter expertise to business owners as well as individuals. The firm is a one-stop shop for immigration services that include consultations, solutions, the orientation of strategies towards permanent residency and citizenship, visa applications, audits, and judicial representations.

In an exclusive interview with Manage HR, Ross Ahmadzai, corporate immigration lawyer of Crystal Migration, sheds light on how his firm is assisting business owners, students, and families with the various immigration processes that exist in today’s highly globalized economy.

Could you describe the ethos of Crystal Migration? How is the firm assisting its clients in the immigration process?

Since its inception in 2019, Crystal Migration has tried to achieve a certain degree of mobility for clients to enter Australia. We normally try to understand what a customer wants to achieve through talks pertaining to whether they want to relocate here permanently or temporarily. Immigration was a lot simpler previously, but with the current scrutinizing laws in place, people expect a lot from a law firm. Sometimes, people do not quite know what they want. We need to be present with them for the entire process, ensure that the client is fully involved in the process and provide them with highly desirable outcomes. That really is what we have been focusing on in the last two and a half years.

What are some of the challenges your clients often face in the immigration space?

Eighteen months ago, when the pandemic started, we did not think it would cause such major changes concerning the migration processes. It really has transformed the way that people relocate. Currently, the country has very strict laws in terms of who they let in. If I get a client that needs to enter Australia, I need to analyze their skill set and make sure we can obtain them a visa and an exception to allow them to enter the nation. Safe to say, the pandemic has changed the whole playing field and at the moment. For all of the clients that are outside Australia, who may not be able to enter Australia, we think about the relevant strategy because, at the end of the day, we will come out of this pandemic. We always say that there is no such thing as a single solution; instead, there are alternatives.

We are not just a visa factory; one of the things we do as a company is listening to what one wants to accomplish and then sketch out a strategy for them

Australia is physically isolated from the rest of the world, with nine international borders. We lose a lot of talent to countries with relaxed immigration laws. The challenge that we face is when we may have to let a candidate know that they may not be able to get permanent residency straight away; instead, we provide them a temporary visa before they become a permanent resident. Now, why does one desire a permanent visa instead of a temporary permit? Well, first of all, you are moving halfway around the world; secondly, there are concessions that they acquire when settled, and it has always been challenging explaining it to clients and obtaining those benefits. For us, that is always been an arduous task - just being able to educate our clients in terms of our ever-changing immigration laws. But that is the field that you play in, you always got to stay on top of your game.

To bring out the story, share one or two case studies where your company helped its clients overcome their business challenges and attain desired outcomes with your offerings.

We have a client that brings in a lot of surveyors to complete construction work. One of the problems we encountered was that, during the pandemic, offshore immigration was halted. Therefore, we had to figure out how to bring in these individuals. It is all about weighing alternatives, and if necessary, applying for a short-term work visa that can be converted to a longer-term work permit after they are in Australia. It is a firstworld country, and we expect that level of service. However, when it comes to local production, we just lack the necessary skills. We rely heavily on immigration, and many of my customers in important industries such as construction and engineering must consider the possibilities of short-term visas and then convert them to long-term permits.

Can you share any details of the firm’s plans pertaining to new services that could play a role in the company’s offerings?

We are not just a visa factory; one of the things we do as a company is listening to what one wants to accomplish and then sketch out a strategy for them. It is all about being nimble; you may have a plan today, but we must be ready to adapt to change. We have been successful because we navigate our clients through the journey. It is about being agile and adapting to the current environment. We have always been welcoming to migrants, and once this pandemic is over, we will see a flood of people coming into Australia. My message is if you consider immigration, definitely think Australia. And if you want that extra level of service, then we are here for you.