Jessica Salinas, the VP, Global HR Operations, Crescentia Global Talent SolutionsJessica Salinas, the VP, Global HR Operations
Headquartered in Utah, Crescentia Global Talent Solutions specializes in providing human resources expertise and recruiting services to organizations across various industries globally. The company’s broad service portfolio entails executive search, recruiting, online onboarding design, company benefit audits, payroll and HR administration setup, resume writing services, online soft skills development, and language translation and localization.

In an interview with us here at Manage HR, Jessica Salinas, the VP of Global HR Operations at Crescentia, shares her insights on how the company leverages its expertise to provide exceptional HR and recruiting services to clients.

Could you give a brief overview of Crescentia’s recruitment process?

Crescentia’s method of recruiting talent is unique. It’s an innovative process that helps clients save time and money without compromising the quality of candidates while improving the efficiency of the overall recruiting efforts. To do this, we embrace the “Crescentia Shortcut,” a proactive approach that augments and accelerates the clients’ HR operations rather than replacing them. We add recruiters, researchers, and global coordinators who are trained in this unique selection methodology to our clients’ team to accelerate recruitment.

Crescentia fosters a distinctive internal structure and a team of industry experts that help quickly meet clients’ varying recruitment needs, reduce costs, and pass on those savings to our customers. Our mantra is simple—“The biggest share of an organization’s staffing investment should be directed towards the employee-to-be, not towards commission-driven headhunters.”

What are some of the key challenges that organizations face in the recruiting landscape?

Being in the human resources and recruiting industry for over two decades, we understand the challenge of finding the right candidates in a timely and cost-effective manner. The pain points in the HR space are typically three-fold, and the lack of high-caliber candidates tops the list. Oftentimes, organizations end up recruiting talents that do not align with their organizational culture and business imperatives, which leads to low retention rates.

Tedious and time-consuming recruitment process is the second aspect that besets clients’ HR operations. I have seen crucial positions in several companies open for almost a year. Finally, the recruitment cost, particularly when using headhunters, is just unreasonably high. Headhunters tend to focus primarily on positions that are easier to fill and postpone their efforts on the most difficult job vacancies until organizations enter into a retainer payment modality. These challenges are undeniably detrimental to businesses trying to stay agile in terms of recruiting people. In addition to these three difficulties, it is hard for organizations to juggle different vendors for specific HR and recruitment services.

How does Crescentia address these challenges?

Crescentia is more than just a recruiting or an executive search agency. It’s equipped with all the necessary resources and expertise to challenge the status quo in the recruitment industry. We ensure quick turnaround time by leveraging highly flexible recruitment processes, where our teams work overnight to meet clients’ targets. We also provide customers with end-to-end recruitment services that entail market analysis, salary benchmarking, executive search, recruitment, and when requested by clients.

Unlike a typical HR agency, we have adopted a unique pay-as-you-go model and eliminated varying recruitment overhead costs that include commissions, corporate distractions, and expensive retainers.

Furthermore, we provide solutions for several other issues encountered by executives, including HR consultation, website design, e-learning, translation, and even resume writing for job seekers.

Could you walk us through the methodology that Crescentia adopts when collaborating with clients?

At Crescentia, we always strive to serve as an extension of the clients’ HR/Talent Acquisition team and provide them with candidates who will be true assets in their organization. A typical client engagement at Crescentia begins with our team gaining a holistic view of their business needs, strategies, and culture. We then seek to understand each open position and how it contributes to the organization. Based on this information, we assemble an international team of researchers who scour databases in search of candidates with the required expertise and conduct a comprehensive talent search. Once we find qualified candidates, our team conducts pre-qualifying interviews using predetermined topics and questions that we have prepared in consultation with clients. We can also bring in executive candidates who may not necessarily be seeking new employment but who have the expertise, experience, and compatibility our customers are seeking. Finally, we summarize our findings in a report with our recommendations. Every candidate is thoroughly vetted against the requirements of the open role.

Could you cite a case study on how Crescentia has enabled clients to overcome hurdles and attain desired outcomes?

We collaborated with a client that approached us with a recruiting need in a foreign country. They were not certain about how recruit in that country, and we helped them navigate this critical situation. First, Team Crescentia gave them guidance on how to open the market for their products and services in that particular region. We then performed a salary analysis that enabled the client to know the appropriate salary range they should target. Our team of competent content editors created the appropriate job descriptions and job postings and helped the client clean up their website according to the regional requirements. This included performing a legal review/edit to make sure that their website is compliant with local regulations.
  • Crescentia is more than just a recruiting or an executive search agency. It’s equipped with all the necessary resources and expertise to challenge the status quo in the recruitment industry

Team Crescentia then moved on to the recruitment process, where they helped the client hire the right type of candidates. The recruitment was quick and smooth as we had spent time aligning the company to the talent needs and vice versa. This success was the manifestation of our slogan—“We provide a space where enterprises and talents align.”

What does the future hold for Crescentia?

One of the key factors that make us unique is our global presence. We have teams in multiple continents, including North America, Australia, Europe, and Latin America. We are continually extending our footprint to other areas. For instance, we have plans to establish a strong presence in Asia by next year.